Japanese Mail Order Bride: Where and How to Get a Wife from Japan?


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How to find a Japanese girl for marriage? How much does it cost to get a Japanese wife? Is it better to meet Japanese mail order wives offline or online? 

Read this guide to find out—we’ll tell you everything you wanted to know about beautiful Japanese women here. The top list of the best dating sites with Japanese beauties is also waiting for you here!

Best dating websites to meet Japanese women online

Rank Dating Website Editorial`s notes
1 EasternHoneys A perfect website for those interested in dating Japanese girls—sign up right now and get 20 credits for free!
2 TheLuckyDate a simple and fast online dating platform with thousands of Japan girls
3 AsianMelodies a great dating service for those interested in Asian women (convenient live chat, simple interface, 20 free credits after registration)
4 OrchidRomance A perfect online dating platform for those who want to chat with real Japanese women!
5 CuteAsianWoman A reliable dating platform for those interested in Japan brides with video chat and lots of messaging tools
6 AsiaMe One of the biggest and the most popular Japanese brides websites with a wide assortment of communication tools (including video and voice calls)
7 DateAsianWoman A premium Japanese bride website with video calls, real gifts, and a great Android app for mobile users
8 FindAsianBeauty a top-notch Japanese mail order brides platform with video and voice calls


1. EasternHoneys

  • Visits to the site per month: 275,000
  • Features: Fast registration, gifts, convenient live chat

Want to meet Japanese girls or just chat with Japanese women? Then, EasternHoneys is the right website for you—it has lots of beautiful Japanese women, a lot of messaging tools (live chat, emails), and many premium features (e.g., gifts). 

What’s even more interesting, you do not have to buy credits to chat with Japanese women here right after the registration—yes, all the messaging tools are paid, but you’ll be able to test them for free. All new users get 20 free credits as a bonus offer (30 if you verify your email address).

2. TheLuckyDate

  • Visits to the site per month: 50,000
  • Features: Swiping game, easy interface, fast registration

TheLuckyDate is another great platform with thousands of Japanese girls—it’s not only a site where you can chat with local women but also a platform where it’s totally possible to find a Japanese girlfriend. 

The site is pretty simple and not overloaded at all—you can use a search tool (quite poor, to be fair) and browse profiles for free, and you can send messages to Japanese women/use a live chat here if you have enough credits. 

By the way, you don’t need to spend money right away—you’ll get 2,000 free credits upon registration on theluckydate.com.

3. AsianMelodies

  • Visits to the site per month: 510,000
  • Features: Live chat with photos and videos, profile videos, gifts

AsianMelodies is a paid dating site—you can sign up, use search tools, and browse profiles for free here, but you will need to buy “credits” to chat with ladies from Japan and other Asian countries.

 Like many international dating sites on this list, AsianMelodies has a generous offer for new customers: once you sign up, you’ll get 20 or 30 credits for free (20 credits after the registration, 10 more credits after email confirmation). When it’s done, you’ll be able to chat with any Japanese lady on the site.

4. OrchidRomance

  • Visits to the site per month: 4,700,000
  • Features: Live chat with photo/video attachments, fast registration, 30 free credits 

OrchidRomance is surely one of the biggest dating platforms to use to meet a Japanese woman. It’s very popular, it has everything Western men need (live chat, gifts, text messages), and it’s not that expensive. 

What’s more, you’ll get 30 free credits if you sign up and confirm your email address right now—this means you will be able to send a message to any Japanese girl on the site without buying anything! 

The interface of OrchidRomance is just excellent and clean, by the way—and its mobile version works perfectly, too. 

5. CuteAsianWoman

  • Visits to the site per month: 600,000
  • Features: Video calls, Android app, real gifts

CuteAsianWoman is one of the biggest online dating websites for those who want to meet an Asian girl. The registration is free here, but you’ll have to pay to send messages and use video chat. 

The number of Japanese brides is extremely high here—according to various sources, more than half a million people visit this platform every single month. 

If you prefer chatting with Japanese brides via your mobile phone, CuteAsianWoman will work great for you, too—there is a great Android app (available in Google Play).

6. AsiaMe

  • Visits to the site per month: 670,000
  • Features: Video calls, voice calls, various gifts and presents

AsiaMe is one of the biggest Japanese bride websites. Obviously, not all the members here are Japanese women—there are tens of thousands of beautiful women from Vietnam, Thailand, China, Korea, and other countries on AsiaMe. 

This international dating platform is a perfect option for those who want to find a website with an easy-to-use interface and, at the same time, with a lot of extra services and features. 

You can send text messages, chat with women, call them, and even have a video chat with Japanese ladies on AsiaMe—but obviously, all these services are not free to use. 

7. DateAsianWoman

  • Visits to the site per month: 580,000
  • Features: Voice calls, real and virtual presents, CamShare

DateAsianWoman is a perfect Japanese bride website with a huge number of advantages. 

It has a lot of messaging tools (from video calls to text messages), it offers free Chat Vouchers to new users, and the profiles of Japanese wives on DateAsianWoman are typically very detailed. 

It’s one of the best mail order brides services for American men interested in getting a Japan bride—and if you visit it right now, you’ll get a 60% first order discount!

8. FindAsianBeauty

  • Visits to the site per month: 550,000
  • Features: Video calls, real gifts, a lot of bonuses for new users

FindAsianBeauty is one of those top-notch websites with hundreds of thousands of Japanese girls. 

The number of messaging tools is just perfect here—you can send text messages, use live chat (it’s convenient and quite cheap), call Japanese ladies, and even have a video chat with them on FindAsianBeauty. 

It’s also possible to send gifts to Japanese girls here—you can choose among various virtual and real gifts, from a virtual bouquet to a brand new iPhone 13. Basically, FindAsianBeauty is one of the best dating sites for those who want to meet Japanese ladies—and it’s also perfect for mobile users (the Android app is just great).

Where to find a Japanese mail order bride?


Dream of a happy married life with your future wife from Japan but think that getting a Japanese wife is hard, expensive, and/or time-consuming?

In reality, meeting a Japanese girl is not that expensive and time-consuming (neither it is that cheap/fast, of course). Now, with Japanese bride websites, meeting a Japanese girl genuinely interested in Western women is much easier and faster than it’s ever been! 

Yes, we would like it if you visit one of those websites from our list and meet some real Japanese women looking for marriage, but it’s not that we want to sell you something you don’t really need here. The point is, while you still can meet a Japanese woman in her country, meeting a Japanese mail order girlfriend online is much cheaper, faster, and easier than offline dating. Let’s talk about it in more detail.

How to meet Japanese women for marriage in Japan

japanese bride

It’s pretty simple: you visit Japan, meet foreign bride on the streets/on Tinder/wherever, have a few dates with her, propose to her, and start building your family life with her.

Well, that’s how it would look like in a perfect world. In our world, foreign guys (Western men in particular) often struggle to meet Japanese ladies offline. Why?

If you’re going to meet a Japanese woman offline, you need to understand three things:

  1. It’s extremely expensive.
  2. Even if you’re great at meeting Western women in your country, meeting ladies in Japan is much harder than that.
  3. The chances for you to find a perfect Japanese wife offline are extremely low.

A 2-week trip to Japan will cost you around $3,000 (we’ll talk about the Japanese mail order brides cost a bit later). 

As for the second point, you need to understand that Japanese women are not that open to meeting foreigners, especially on the streets. That’s how Japanese society works, Japanese people often don’t like gaijin and they are often scared of differences between themselves and foreign men. 

Another problem is that many women in Japan are not fluent in English—so your chances to meet a woman who will be open to meeting a foreigner and able to speak English are not that high.

This doesn’t mean you need to get upset. After all, if you know the Japanese language, understand their dating culture perfectly, and understand that Western culture is different from Japanese culture, you will probably be able to attract Japanese girls offline.

How to find a Japanese mail order bride online?

japanese wife

It’s much easier—tens of thousands of women from Japan want to meet foreign men, and the only thing you need to do to meet such women is sign up on a Japanese dating website. After that, you’ll be able to chat with thousands of women who want to meet American men—and this means it’s much easier and faster to find a Japanese wife this way. 

The point is, you don’t need to talk to dozens of girls who don’t want to date foreign men or don’t speak English—with such websites, you get the best of the best, the ladies who want to build a future family with a foreigner, speak English, and think that American men make better husbands than Japanese men. Isn’t it what you’re looking for?

Meeting a Japanese wife online is extremely easy, as we’ve said—you only need to choose a good dating platform to find such a wife. Choose a site, create an account, start chatting, choose the girls you like most—it’s really that simple.

Obviously, there is another advantage of online dating: if you’re going to “buy” a Japanese wife online, you’ll spend much less than if you’re going to do it offline. 

Let’s talk about Japanese mail order brides prices. How much does it cost for Western men to meet an Asian beauty? The answer is as follows.

How much does a Japanese mail order bride cost?

First of all, you can’t “buy” a Japanese woman. It’s like traditional dating, but the main difference is that you’ll have to pay for tickets and a 1/2-week trip to Japan. Here we will talk about how much a mail order bride from Japan costs.

Meeting Japanese brides offline: cost

You’ll have to go to Japan sooner or later—it’s impossible to get your Japanese wife to the US legally if you have never met in person before. Typically, men spend around 2 weeks in their bride’s country before the proposal—but it’s not only about the trip to Japan, it’s also about the tickets. Here’s how much you’ll need to pay:

For what How much
Tickets $700-$900 (round-trip)
Hotel room $1,250
Food $430
Transportation $480 
Entertainment $500
Total $3,360-$3,560 for 14 days


A wedding in Japan can cost you anything from $10,000 to $50,000—it depends on many factors, from the number of guests to the number of wedding traditions you will skip. 

Meeting a Japanese bride online: cost

Most websites with Japan brides cost $80-$150 per month, including membership or average communication using credits with 1-2 women.

However, it depends on the messaging tools you’re going to use; thus, if you spend hours in a video or a voice chat, you’ll probably have to pay more than that. If you send only text messages, you will spend even less than $150 per month.   

How does mail order Japanese brides work?

When Japanese women want to find an American man, they sign up on Japanese mail order bride websites—most of these sites are free for women. The process is pretty similar to dating in the US—you chat with a woman, ask her out on a date, and meet her. The only difference is that the best sites for Japanese mail order brides are not free for men—you’ll have to buy “credits” to send messages/use a live chat.

Are Japanese mail order brides illegal?

Japanese brides are 100% legal—most Japanese wives enter the US on a K-1 visa. In 2020, 195 K-1 visas were issued to Japanese citizens. In 2019, the number of new K-1 visa holders from this country was much higher (541)—that’s easily explained by the suspension of routine visa services worldwide in March, 2020. Read more about mail order bride legality.

How to legally bring a Japanese mail order bride to the US?

If you want to bring your Japanese bride to the US, you’ll need to choose between a K-1 and CR-1 visa. K-1 visas are issued to the brides/grooms of American citizens while CR-1 visas are issued to the wives/husbands of American citizens. Here’s how it works:

  1. You meet her in Japan, propose to her, and marry her in the US—she’ll need a K-1 visa.
  2. You meet her in Japan, propose to her, and marry her in her country—she’ll need a CR-1 visa.

If you want to make everything as fast as possible, you need a K-1 visa—with this visa, your Japanese bride will be able to enter the US sooner. If you want to save money, you need a CR-1 visa—it will cost you only $1,200 (K-1 visa will cost you around $2,000).

Why you should choose single Japanese women for marriage

japanese women

Japanese mail order brides are extremely popular among American men. What’s the reason for that?

We believe that there are at least 4 reasons you need to know about:

  1. Beauty
  2. Loyalty
  3. Perfect partnership
  4. Ambitions and education

Japanese women are beautiful

Have you ever heard of Japanese beauty? Well, even if you haven’t, you still can’t deny that it’s an exotic beauty that attracts the absolute majority of Americans when it comes to Asian ladies. Japanese women look great—they are naturally beautiful, magically show fewer signs of aging, and know how to look fashionable.

Japanese brides are very loyal

More than 69% of Japanese believe that cheating is morally unacceptable—it’s much more than in Western Europe, for example. In this regard, Japanese brides are on the same level as Russian women (who are well-known for their loyalty). Japanese girls respect their husbands, and being loyal is just another sign of respect for them—that’s how they were raised, and that’s what a lot of them were being told since a very young age.

Japanese girls are perfect partners

Japanese women for marriage have no problems with apologizing and admitting they’re wrong—it’s all about the concept of “hansei” which is an important part of Japanese culture. Your Japanese wife will take responsibility and admit if she’s wrong without trying to shift blame. It’s the life wisdom that generates happiness.

Japanese brides are educated, ambitious, and hard-working

For women from Japan, career vs. family is not a binary choice anymore—they can do both (but they are generally much more career-oriented than women from Southeast Asia). Women from Japan are very similar to American ladies regarding their views on career and ambitions.

This works in every aspect of life—for example, you don’t need to buy her expensive bouquets and pay for her in 100% of cases because, for Japanese brides, the amount of money you can spend on a gift is not a reflection of your value as a man. Small symbolic gifts and anniversary presents will work much better.

Why are Japanese brides looking for foreign husbands?

Most single Japanese mail order brides want to meet a foreign man because of one reason: they simply think that Americans make better husbands and partners than men from Japan. 

It has nothing to do with the economic situation in Japan (this is a developed country) or with gold-digging. It’s just about Western men being more attractive to Japanese mail order wives than their local men.


Japanese wives are not like your typical Asian wives. They are not too shy, they are far from being passive, and they are definitely not obedient. They are very similar to American ladies regarding their views on career and gender roles—but at the same time, they are still quite traditional when it comes to family values. Mail order Japanese brides love Americans—and you only need to create a dating profile to start chatting with them.

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