Iunisov.Com Expands its Digital Marketing Services to Armenia

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Yerevan, November 30, 2022 – Expanding its digital marketing services to more regions, iunisov.com announces its expansion towards Armenian IT companies, effective immediately.

Iunisov.com is well-known for its digital marketing services, and these kinds of services are becoming more and more in demand in Armenia as the country’s internal IT market grows. The company has been providing all kinds of digital marketing services to clients in different countries for years now, and this expansion is an answer to how Armenia’s IT market seems to be growing at an incredibly rapid pace in recent years. 

Andrei Iunisov has been working in the field of lead generation since 2006, as an employee of Parallels – a rapid-growing software provider from Seattle. Three years later he founded one of Russia’s first web analytics agencies, which attracted many different clients and was later sold to iConText Group – the biggest independent digital marketing group in the country. His current business started in 2016, providing SEO and enterprise lead generation services to clients from all over the planet.

Andrei’s general area of expertise is enterprise software and IT technology, and there are multiple channels that are used for lead generation – such as display ads, social media ads, organic SEO, and email marketing, among others. Andrei can also utilize various techniques and methods to optimize marketing funnels with the help of website A/B testing, lead nurturing, website conversion rate optimization, and more.

The company’s list of projects includes a variety of different fields and specialties, such as:

  • Bacula Systems – an enterprise-level backup and recovery solution that offers a plethora of features on its own and can also be integrated with many different systems and solutions with its modular structure;
  • Viewst – a notable online banner maker with a multitude of features, templates, and banner size examples;

Digital marketing as a whole is not revolving around the single biggest Internet search engine in the world – Google. There are quite a few regions that have other preferences or even their own popular search engines. Russia is a good example of that, with Yandex being ranked a bit below Google in terms of popularity with 48% as of 2020.

This single fact, combined with the knowledge that Russia’s level of English language skills as a whole is lower than in any other European country, makes it obvious that SEO for Yandex would be just as important in this region as SEO for Google. On its own, Yandex is a multinational IT company that develops multiple products in different fields at the same time, including Yandex Disk, Yandex Mail, Yandex Browser, and so on.

At the same time, the way Yandex’s search algorithms work is slightly different from how Google works, which makes working with Yandex a necessity for every company that wants to promote itself in this market. Luckily, Andrei has a lot of practical experience when it comes to working with Yandex and its algorithms, which makes promotion on the Russian market that much easier for any company that decides to employ the services of Iunisov.com. 

That’s not to say that digital marketing is all about optimizing your search engine results – there is also a large part that deals with marketing campaigns and this one has its own list of nuances and contrivances. The main driving tool for Google-specific marketing campaigns is Google AdWords (or Google Ads) – a massive online advertising service that can be used to display advertisements all over the Internet to different groups of users.

However, a marketing campaign needs to be evaluated somehow at different stages of its completion, which is where the topic of Google AdWords audit comes in. Since search advertising is a rather difficult topic with many intricacies, it requires a lot of fine-tuning during the marketing campaign’s runtime – and an audit is necessary to get a complete understanding of the current campaign’s performance while also keeping an eye on potential problematic places that have to be fine-tuned.

Each audit can be a wealth of information in terms of understanding how to correct your marketing campaign to make it more effective, and Andrei’s skills in this area are exceptional, offering extensive Google Ads audit capabilities, among many other useful services.


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