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Long before the pandemic ushered in reliance on digital mediums, esports has already been gaining a steady momentum into the mainstream gaming space. This seemingly niche and specific sub-market of gaming occupied by a select few gamers has since grown into becoming a widely recognised global phenomenon that easily racks up millions of dollars in return.

Esports is the most enduring proof of how the gaming industry has evolved over the years, taking with it the introduction of high-speed internet and live streaming which only strengthened its hold on the industry. This innovative breakthrough birthed with it entirely new subcultures of gaming: streaming events, live tournaments, competitive gaming, fan culture.

As the world of esports continues to dominate the gaming industry, more and more organisations have been quick to realise its untapped potential and create innovative solutions in this direction. Bookmakers, in particular, have been well aware of how much prospect online gaming holds, and have carried over this same excitement into the gambling world.

There are now thousands of online gaming sites that have taken the successful formula of esports gaming and applied it to their own system in such a way it innovated the program into new heights. One of the rising players in the game is Duelbits.

About Duelbits

Launched in February 2020, Duelbits is a crypto casino platform that aims to narrow down the gap between bookmakers and casinos that still operate on a wide margin. It was created with a brand motto of “It’s Time to Get More!”. The company prides itself on providing a fun and unique experience to its gamers by developing one of the most competitive VIP schemes in the market.

Gambling made easy

The overall design of Duelbits is fairly easy to get into, as their creators have clearly paid mind to make the user experience as convenient as possible. The website will tell you everything you need to know: from what kind of games they offer to what other requirements you might need to partake in them. Right off the bat, you’ll be able to see some of their featured titles, like Slots and Blackjack. From then on you’re given the option to see the bets placed on these titles (and consequently, place your own if you wanted).

The community section on the website is useful for when you want to look at any active members and contact them for a collaborative game. This will allow users to foster a communicative relationship with other players, making the gaming experience that much more reciprocation and fun. They also have 24/7 customer service. Registration, deposits and withdrawal is instant and seamless.

DuelbitsVIP Scheme

Did you know that all players under Duelbits get 35% Rakeback, plus 10% of the wagering generated by any referred punters? If one were to go by that average, that means each player gets roughly 50% Rakeback using this model. It should be worth noting that almost everything is automated within Duelbits, so the Rakeback is paid in 4 ways: Instant Bits (players receive 10% Rakeback instantly), Daily Bits (players receive 5% back of the daily rake), Weekly (players receive 5% back of the weekly rake) and Monthly (players receive 5% of the monthly paid rake).

Players can also generate affiliate codes and ask friends to join the site, which Duelbits will then reward a 10% commission on all referral wagers.

Duelbits has a huge variety of games that include slots, blackjack, roulette, dice duels, crash, card, craps, lottery, casual, poker. They also accept cryptocurrencies as a payment method, which only a select few casino sites do.

Duelbits Sportsbook

Duelbits has also recently launched their new sportsbook. In order to build even more credibility and make their customers happy, the company has signed a deal with Sportradar. Through the use of their MTS service, they offer a sportsbook service with thousands of events available, several sports and a huge amount of markets. The frontend platform has been built completely in-house by its developers and has been designed for new and experienced punters. The VIP Rakeback and Cashout will be applied to the sportsbook as well.

Duelbits has great offers and extremely competitive odds on all the major European soccer leagues (Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga).

If you’re looking for another solid way to pass your idle time, Duelbits can be just the thing you need. Their straightforward, easy-to-navigate online gaming program is a fool-proof way to make the time fly and earn a little pocket money. Not only do they have a rich archive of games and accessible payment methods, Duelbits also pays attention to crafting the best user experience possible to make it enjoyable for the user. Not to mention – they’re pretty generous with their bonuses and giveaways!

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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