Is The Cybersecurity Industry Boring? Not If You Ask This Startup


Cybersecurity is exciting for companies is merely a non-existent statement. Protecting the company’s data and confidential information is equally mundane and tedious, yet one mistake poses a grave threat not just to the company’s welfare but also to its customers. One tiny misstep can lead to a ripple effect of losses, lawsuits, and irreparable damage to the organization’s reputation. While the day-to-day tasks of cybersecurity may not be as glamorous as product launches or marketing campaigns, the consequences of neglecting cybersecurity can be catastrophic.

In the Vendor Risk Management domain, fulfilling lengthy security requirements takes up to hundreds of working hours each month. For one, those questionnaires are filled out manually by dedicated teams, often causing delays in onboarding crucial technology partners. Moreover, it’s an error-prone process that leaves organizations vulnerable to inaccuracies and oversights. Human errors in data entry or interpretation can result in incomplete or misleading responses, creating a false sense of security. These inaccuracies may go unnoticed until a security breach occurs, leading to potential legal ramifications.

However, one solution provider is bridging this industry gap, eliminating the mundane nature of the traditionally monotonous process. Vendict, an Israel-based technology startup, leverages the latest advancements in linguistic generative AI to power Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) teams. What’s more, they also act as a business driver by shortening the sales process and generating a competitive advantage.

How Does Vendict Do It?

Vendict Co-Founders Udi Cohen, CEO, and Michael Keslassy, CTO saw this glaring void in the GRC landscape and pioneered their brainchild, the AI Security Expert, which does the heavy lifting for GRC teams, enabling them to mitigate risks, save time, gain a competitive edge, and significantly expedite sales cycles. The company’s solution seamlessly merges a highly focused, professional area of security and vendor assessment with the cutting-edge innovation of artificial intelligence.

Vendict’s technology offers what existing security solutions don’t. By comprehending the contextual meaning of the text, security assessments undergo a remarkable reduction in duration from weeks to mere hours. Furthermore, with each user interaction, the model continuously evolves, enhancing both its intelligence and time-saving capabilities.

The inception of Vendict’s AI Security Expert is a testament to Michael and Udi’s forward-thinking approach as solution providers. Before Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Generative AI became the ultimate buzzwords in a myriad of industries, they first saw how the synergy of these tech breakthroughs could overhaul the cybersecurity sector by automating all forms of tedious compliance tasks. 

Looking Into Vendict’s AI Security Expert

Vendict addresses the challenge of handling questionnaires by leveraging information from an organization’s compliance data, including responses to prior questionnaires, audit reports such as SOC-2, as well as policies and procedures. Then, their Generative AI stack generates precise and professional responses to each question and questionnaire. Additionally, Vendict serves as a guide for companies aiming to enhance their security compliance stance, facilitating expansion into diverse industries and verticals.

Through Vendict, buyers gain access to prompt and thorough end-to-end vendor analysis based on industry, service criticality, and level of data sensitivity. Furthermore, Vendict proves valuable in assisting buyers with internal risk management, internal audits, and keeping track of regulatory compliance. 


Vendict emerges as a transformative force in the often overlooked and mundane arena of cybersecurity, proving that innovation can inject excitement into even the most tedious aspects of business operations. By seamlessly integrating their AI Security Expert into the Vendor Risk Management landscape, Vendict has successfully streamlined and revolutionized the compliance process. For the first time, this GRC-specific generative language model solves the problem that CISO, GRC specialist, or sales engineer dreads.


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