Is Lawyers Of Distinction A Scam? – A Brief View

Lawyer Of Distinction

The legal vanity market is booming. Many organizations exist to recognize attorneys for their achievements. These organizations typically provide their members with a certificate identifying their achievement as well as a badge to denote membership to the organization. A layman may be impressed by looking at the certificates, assuming that someone screened the lawyers, only allowing the exceptional to join the organization. For many legal vanity organisations this is not true. Some merely require payment to participate. Jim Terry from TK Injury Lawyers says: “Everytime we are pursuing an award from these types of organizations we need to provide some sort of information in order to verify that we actually deserve that recognition.”

However, there are organizations that screen their members-only admitting those attorneys who meet strict guidelines, one such organization is Lawyers of Distinction.

How To Know If A Lawyer Award Is A Scam

Many organizations which provide lawyers with awards merely require payment as the only barrier to entry. Some organizations even require attorneys to provide the names of other attorneys to which the organization could potentially bestow the honor of their “award.”

If payment is the only barrier an attorney must surmount to obtain an award then that honor is not one based on merit or skill. Blackburn Romey attorneys say: It is important for firms and attorneys to conduct their own research and make informed decisions when evaluating such organizations.we advise lawyers to exercise caution when evaluating legal vanity organizations and the awards they offer.

The Lawyers of Distinction, A Scam Or Not? An In-depth Look

The legal field marketing field continues to increase in competition with lawyers needing an edge over the competition to stand out. This has resulted in a boom of legal vanity organizations with plans to promote their members. The most innovative organization in this space is the Lawyers of Distinction, a private marketing company that uses innovative tools and solutions to promote its members above the competition. The organization has no defense bias, limited membership, and no political affiliations.

Currently, many people visit the Lawyers of Distinction website, and unlike many competitors, they don’t refer clients to practitioners. Besides, lawyers cannot pay for preferential listing, and they also don’t accept outside adverts or post banner ads. The objective of the directory is to create a unique user experience to enable the public to make informed legal decisions. The Lawyers of Distinction stands apart by promoting members via national legal publications.

With over five thousand members in the United States, Lawyers of Distinction is the fastest growing, legal membership organization comprised of attorneys who must meet strict quality guidelines for membership.

Lawyers of Distinction provides a unique, multi-faceted marketing approach for their members.  whether the attorney is a partner in a large firm or a solo practitioner. Membership with Lawyers of Distinction provides an innovative and effective strategy to drive potential clients and their prospective cases to the firm.

In today’s digital landscape, there are various marketing channels and it isn’t easy to know the option with the highest ROI to allocate your marketing budget, however, if you need to take your practice to a higher level, the Lawyers of Distinction is a reliable and prestigious membership organization offering attorneys professional exposure.


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