Is it Time to Offer Merchandise?


Merchandising is an excellent way to increase brand visibility and add a great new revenue stream for your business. Everyone can benefit from merchandising, from gamers to artists, tech brands, and beyond. The fact of the matter is even in the cases where customers may not want to buy your merchandise; the chances are that your business would fare better if your employees and representatives wore branded gear that signified that they work for you loud and clear.

There are several different factors that will help you learn whether branded merchandise is a good step forward for your brand. Here are just a few to watch out for:

Have You Solidified Your Brand Identity?

The fact is that once you have a solid brand identity that there are many different opportunities available to you. Coffee shops and cafés, for example, can offer great branded coffee cups and travel mugs. Boutiques can offer really beautiful tote bags that look fashionable as they work on advertising your store to all of your customer’s friends and family. There is almost always a great way to use merchandising and merchandise to improve your business.

If you need help solidifying your brand identity, don’t worry. Businesses like are there to help you both with your branding and merchandising needs. All you need is to get started, and you’ll have a stronger, more cohesive brand that can start selling merchandise in no time at all.

Do You Operate a Brick-and-Mortar Store?  

If you operate a store, and it’s larger than a boutique, then it’s a good idea for your employees to have branded gear. This is particularly important for larger or outdoor settings, where you’ll want your customers to be able to see your staff from far away. If you make exciting gear, then you can even encourage customers to buy a shirt or a hat as a souvenir of their trip. 

Do You Make House Visits?

If you offer a service that has your staff go to your customers’ or client’s house, then branded gear and clothing is an absolute must. Not only will you be able to advertise your business to their neighbors, but the customers themselves will know exactly who your staff are from the moment they see them. It offers a greater sense of security, professionalism, and advertising.

Do You Attend Trade Shows and Other Events?

The same applies to trade shows and events. Branded gear can make your team stand out and works to improve the visibility of your brand. It’s a two-fold benefit, and as a bonus, you can get visitors to take your gear (shirts or tote bags, for example) to advertise your booth even further.

Do You Operate an Online Store?

Never underestimate how important it is to have a solid brand online. If you have a very clear, attractive visual look, you can actually start selling merchandise as a secondary revenue stream, rather than just for marketing purposes.


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