Is it Possible to Purchase Bitcoin and Crypto in Nigeria?

Bitcoin in Nigeria

You can find numerous ways to buy and promote digital currencies for all those individuals in Nigeria that are keen on cryptocurrency. To buy Bitcoin in Nigeria, you will find cryptocurrency exchanges which would be the simplest way to get it done. You are going to find that there are many Bitcoin exchanges in Nigeria and also you can choose which one to choose. When you determine for certain what exchange, you wish to utilize, make an effort to recognize the transaction costs, withdrawal limits, payment modes as well as verification methods. To know more about bitcoin trading you can visit Bitcoin Motion.

Bitcoin Trading in Nigeria: How you can Trade Bitcoin

Many people are excited about trading cryptocurrency beyond what’s likely to buy and promote Bitcoin. You can accomplish this with either Nairaex or Luno, however, the interfaces are much like Coinbase, in that they’re more geared toward list investing than trading. Furthermore, as a result of the liquidity challenges reported above, slippage can happen on these smaller exchanges that will influence your earnings and improve your losses.

The biggest exchanges with worldwide coverage are the very best trading platforms. These exchanges have serious order books, a huge selection of asset pairs, and therefore are much less susceptible to downtime compared to smaller operations. When deciding where you can do business, you can make use of CoinMarketCap’s rank of exchanges by general liquidity that will help you make an informed choice.

How can I promote Bitcoin in Nigeria?

We have developed a summary of the very best Bitcoin exchanges in Nigeria, from little local exchanges to main worldwide exchanges, with particularly great offerings for Nigerian users.


Initially introduced in 2013 as BitX, Luno continues to grow to be a significant participant in different niche markets around the world. Luno additionally draws the majority of its volume out of South Africa, and just recently expanded to Uganda to deliver Bitcoin to users. So when you add Europe, Malaysia, and Indonesia to the list, you have got an exchange that is certainly worth looking at.

Luno intends to contend with Coinbase and make its offerings offered in most countries that aren’t served by the bigger exchange. They have extra support for Litecoin after our original in-depth evaluation of Luno, which can be obtained for trading along with Bitcoin, XRP as well as Ethereum.


Utilising a bunch of payment techniques, LocalBitcoins is an excellent choice for purchasing as well as marketing Bitcoin in Nigeria. In Nigeria, bank account transfers appear to be very popular. After the offer is opened, the seller is going to pay the escrow finances with all the Bitcoin being purchased. The customer is going to transfer the cash to the seller, along with as soon as the second confirms receipt, they’ll introduce the BTC, must there be some disagreement, the BTC will continue to be in escrow until a fix is found, which might demand LocalBitcoins to step within as mediators.


Binance broadened its support for the Nigerian people recently. Binance held its very first ever crypto masterclass in Benin, Nigeria at the start of 2020. These events are led by local professionals as well as the goal to spread awareness about Bitcoin as well as blockchain technology. Binance provides a peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplace like Localbitcoins as well as Paxful, together with the capability to purchase Bitcoin with a debit or maybe charge card. Binance P2P, however, doesn’t charge transaction fees, unlike Localbitcoins or Paxful. For P2P trading, Binance features a very helpful assistance guidebook. Binance’s strong advocacy shows and also the fact it attempts to cater to underserved people who could most gain from Bitcoin implies that the exchange stands apart from the bunch.

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