Is HubSpot the Best Software for Businesses in 2023?


The modern business landscape is moving incredibly quickly. There’s always new software being developed, new social media platforms that start trending, and new and unique ways to run a business effectively. You need to make sure that you’re keeping up with the latest trends if you want to stay ahead of your competition.

One of the most effective types of software that has been taking the business world by storm is Customer Relationship Management (CRMs) systems, and they’re not talked about enough. These complex and powerful systems can transform your business inside and out to turn it into a powerhouse that will overtake all of your competition. But, CRM systems are not just about “customer relationship management” — as we’ll see later on.

One of the best CRMs currently available on the market is HubSpot. Most business executives have heard of this software before, and most people have been asking: what is HubSpot? After being founded in 2006, HubSpot is one of the most experienced CRM providers in the industry. Aside from their experience and expertise in developing their software, HubSpot has some other crucial elements that make it one of the best CRM systems on the market. Keep reading to find out why Hubspot is the best software you could invest in this year.

What is a CRM?

CRM systems are incredibly important to modern business. Thousands of companies around the world use these systems, whether it’s multi-billion dollar companies like Apple and Amazon, or small digital marketing agencies with just 10 team members. The reality is that these systems are so powerful that they can be acclimated to any business and any sector. The benefits that come from using one of these systems is worth their cost.

Judging by the name of this software, it’s easy to believe that it’s simply a system that allows businesses to manage their relationships with customers. Although this is a key element to using a CRM, the benefits that come with this software runs much deeper than that.

CRM systems can become the foundation of your entire business, allowing you to connect every single department onto one unified system. This gives you an overview of everything that’s happening within your business. For example, you can check whether a social media marketing campaign correlates with a huge spike in sales. This will allow you to make data driven decisions on whether your marketing is effective, or whether it needs more work.

CRM systems can also allow your entire team to collaborate together on a project regardless of the boundaries set by geographic locations or departments. CRMs can be used to streamline your working environment, and you can even plug all your favourite apps into the system so that your entire team can work off one system rather than constantly switching apps and tabs.

Is HubSpot the Best CRM?

HubSpot is one of the most popular CRMs on the market, and they have been going since 2006. However, “most popular” doesn’t necessarily mean “best”. So, why exactly does HubSpot stand out above all the other CRM systems on the market? The answer is that HubSpot is the most flexible and the most affordable CRM on the market.

It’s flexible because the CRM system is divided into three different branches — the Sales Hub, Marketing Hub, and Service Hub. You can choose a package for each of these branches regardless of the other. The majority of CRM systems will offer an overall package, which means that you could end up with some unwanted features that you would never use.

For example, if you need to unlock more marketing features, you can choose to upgrade your Marketing Hub while keeping the Service Hub and the Sales Hub at lower cost packages. This allows you to grow the CRM system with your business, rather than having to force your business to grow into the software.

HubSpot is also the most affordable CRM system because it can be used for free. There are very few CRM systems that can be used for free, and it’s incredibly rare to find one of the market leaders offering their CRM system for free. You can choose which of the three HubSpot branches you want to keep on a free package and which you want to upgrade to a paid package.

How to Get Started with HubSpot

Once you’ve decided that your business needs a CRM system, you need to make sure that it is implemented correctly. Unfortunately, nearly 70% of CRM implementations fail, which means you really need to take the start of your CRM journey seriously.

The reason why most CRM implementations fail is because business executives believe that they have the expertise to do it themselves and save on the costs of hiring experts. If you want to ensure that the money and effort you’re investing into your CRM doesn’t go to waste, you need to make sure that you spare no expense in getting the system up and running.

It’s always best to partner with an agency that has experience working with HubSpot (or the CRM of your choice) as they would have the knowledge and experience needed to set the system up and integrate it with your business perfectly.


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