Is Cloud Manufacturing Still Important?

Fractory – a scalable manufacturing services business built on cloud manufacturing principles – explores the landscape

Cloud manufacturing once sounded incredibly futuristic but now sounds like it’s been around for a while! Well, it has been around for a while, but it’s growing fast and incredibly relevant. Arguably, its relevance and importance have never been more pronounced. As a pioneering company in the world of cloud manufacture, Fractory has been busy redefining aspects of the manufacturing landscape, and our growth seems to prove that cloud manufacturing present-day necessity.

Cloud manufacturing represents a major change in standard approaches to manufacturing. It is a time-saver and a cost-saver. It automates many human tasks. It simplifies the process, allowing engineers to seamlessly order manufactured parts through a website. Instantaneous quotes, considering manufacturability and availability, are not just conveniences but, it turns out, necessities in today’s fast-paced manufacturing world. This method has become increasingly crucial in a global landscape marked by complex, ever-changing supply chains.

The Future and Universality of Cloud Manufacturing

Cloud manufacturing is on the brink of revolutionizing manufacturing procurement worldwide. Current trends indicate that 80% of the manufacturing sector is transitioning towards cloud-based solutions. Companies, particularly engineering firms, appreciate the blend of digital convenience and human expertise that platforms like Fractory offer.

Fractory’s model exemplifies the core advantages of cloud manufacturing: saving time and money while providing access to a vast network of suppliers, instant pricing, and clear lead times. This is more than just a business model: it’s something of a blueprint for the future of manufacturing. Procurement teams in manufacturing businesses don’t have to find quotes for every single capability they require, pricing laser cutting and machining services. That’s a poor use of resources and it’s something which can be done automatically with Fractory.  

Sustainability Through Cloud Manufacturing

Sustainability is a key benefit of cloud manufacturing. Fractory’s platform maximises the use of machinery resources, reducing transportation and material waste. By streamlining processes and removing the need for traditional drawings and procurement involvement, engineers are liberated to focus on more critical aspects of their projects. This efficiency is vital in addressing the global shortage of engineers, enhancing the utilisation of existing resources.

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The Competitive Landscape

The field of cloud manufacturing is competitive. But Fractory stands out for its instant ordering combined with its mechanical engineer employee base who handle complex series and scale orders.


Cloud manufacturing survives and thrives. It represents a fundamental shift in manufacturing, embracing digital transformation and sustainability. As supply chains become increasingly complex and the demand for efficiency and sustainability grows, the role of cloud manufacturing becomes more critical. Fractory’s efforts pave the way for a more connected, efficient, and sustainable future in manufacturing.


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