Is Blogging Still a Relevant Marketing Platform?

Once upon a time, many turned to blogging as a viable marketing platform. It seemed like there was always someone starting a new travel, parenting, or lifestyle blog, and the various blogging platforms seemed to be bustling. Is this still the case, and is blogging still a good choice of marketing strategy for businesses? Let’s take a look.


One of the big advantages of choosing to look into blogging as a form of marketing at this stage is that there are many established blogs waiting to act as platforms for you. By heading to a company that specialises in blogger outreach, you will find that they have vast portfolios of links and blogs that are willing to provide a host for your links.

These blogs have often been running for ten or more years at this point. They have established audiences who regularly check back to view new content, and the people who run them will be well-versed in hosting this type of content. They are an excellent choice for anyone thinking about this form of marketing, and they still hold a lot of value as a strategy.


The blogging community has evolved past posts on sites like Blogger and WordPress. Thanks to platforms like YouTube and Instagram, we have seen the rise of a new form of marketing – influencer-driven marketing. While many of people creating this type of content will most likely also have a blog, their primary focus is on creating content for these channels.

This turns them from simple bloggers to people in charge of a multi-platform brand. Their content can be dynamic and interesting, and can help to draw in even wider audiences than a simple blog might. Using them as part of a marketing strategy gives you the opportunity to tap into this potential.


As a result of these big multi-channel platforms and wide-ranging audiences, those in charge of the platforms are able to wield a considerable amount of influence over their audience. There are several levels to this, with many experts agreeing that micro-influencers that command audiences of several thousand having the best engagement.

If you want to effectively use outreach blogging as part of your marketing strategy, this is a world that you are going to have to learn to negotiate. It is an intricate world, but it is one that is able to pay dividends to those who are willing to pursue its offers.

Blogging as a marketing platform is not dead, though it is evolving rapidly. Anyone who wishes to engage with it as part of their marketing strategy needs to understand what the world they are entering. There are many advantages that can be gained from including blogging as a wider part of your marketing, but it is an area that must be navigated carefully to gain the most advantage from it. Take the time to learn more about the world of blogging and the opportunities it can still offer your business.


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