IP warming – How Fortune 500 Companies Deliver Millions Of Emails per day

IP warming

Emails constitute the most preferred option for business communication among the existing options these days. Companies use them for all kinds of business communication with their customers. Emails are indispensable for email marketing. Companies send several emails to their customers daily to communicate information about their offers, new products, or services.

If you send too many emails from a specific IP, you may get into the bad books of mailbox service providers. They may mark your emails as spam which can affect the reputation of your IP. The only solution for you to address this problem is IP warming.

IP warming and email reputation are like the two sides of the same coin. It prevents your email marketing efforts from going to waste. By paying attention to it, you can stop your marketing emails from landing in the spam folder.

Top companies that feature on the list published by Fortune magazine manage to deliver millions of emails every day. The little secret behind it is IP warming. Read on to know more about IP warming and how it helps Fortune 500 companies deliver millions of emails per day.

What Is IP warming?

As the name suggests, IP warming refers to warming up an IP or promoting its reputation slowly and steadily. The concept involves gradual boosting of the volume of emails from an inactive or new IP over time.

You may either use a less active or new IP for sending marketing emails. Using several emails at once may appear to be an attractive option for you for this purpose. But it can bring in more harm for you than the benefits. Mailbox service providers view bulk emails from a less-reputed IP differently. And more often, they act accordingly.

Sending bulk emails from a specific IP can raise the eyebrows of mailbox providers. More often, it is likely to make them mark down your emails as “spam” and block them. This action can put your time and effort into sending several marketing emails to users to waste.

Warming up your IP can help you address this problem by gradually raising the volume of your emails. Despite being time taking, it is worth your time and effort. And it works more effectively than sending emails in bulk from an IP straight away.

Mailbox providers do not view IPs without reputation favorably. They monitor the mailboxes of their users and incoming emails to them from time to time. Whenever they trace too many emails from an IP without reputation, they perceive it as a spamming activity. This belief prompts them to take appropriate action to secure the email inboxes of their clients or customers.

Warming up your IP can help you with email campaigns on a large scale.

Fortune 500 Companies Deliver Millions Of Emails To Users

Any email marketer would be delighted to know about a technique of sending millions of emails to users. They would be even more delighted at the prospect of delivering them to inboxes of users with success.

However, Fortune 500 companies have been translating this thought into reality over the last few years. No doubt, they use the concept of warming up the IP to their advantage. But alongside it, they also filter the list of their customers through email hygiene.

You might wonder what it means when the words email and hygiene come together. Read on to know more about it.

What Is Email Hygiene? How Can It Help You Succeed In Your Email Marketing Campaign?

Email hygiene refers to the act of maintaining a clean email list of interested customers for email marketing. It also refers to the segregation of the email addresses of customers who are not as interested as others. Email hygiene helps businesses make a separate list for hot (interested) and cold (less interested) leads.

This practice of filtering email lists of customers is helpful in email marketing. Not only does it generate a better response from customers, but it also helps maintain IP reputation. Interested customers are more likely to open and read your marketing emails. Plus, they are also less likely to mark it as spam.

Both IP warming and email hygiene can work together to help boost the reputation of your IP in the eye of all mailbox service providers. In the long run, both can pave the way to success for achieving your business objectives through email marketing. More importantly, you can control email bounce backs by applying both methods.

Final Thoughts

Even at present, email marketing is an effective marketing tool. Every company uses it in some way or the other. Fortune 500 companies use this concept in a different way altogether. By using the concepts of IP and email list hygiene together, they send millions of emails daily. More importantly, they also ensure the delivery of these emails to the email inboxes of users. You can also draw a leaf out of it to grow your business by drawing the attention of potential customers through email marketing.


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