Invisalign: Experiences After Two Months


A flawless smile is now not just something that teenagers can conjure up. A patient reports on her experience.

I’ve been there for two months now and things are going well with Invisalign. Don’t expect overnight miracles, and your teeth won’t be magically perfectly straightened after just a few weeks. Invisalign is an intensive treatment that is only successful if you wear the aligners 22 hours a day. And every day of the treatment. Yes, that’s quite a long time!

Red wine drinkers (like me) will find that the two track-free hours fly by. You’ll feel the same way about snacking, because the hassle of taking the aligners out and putting them back in makes you think twice. But it sure isn’t so bad if you skip the afternoon cookies more often.

London dentist Dr. Daniel from says: “Once your teeth are straight, brushing can clean 60 percent of the surface. You can floss the other 40 per cent, which is why dentists always recommend it, “If your teeth are crooked, you won’t get to 60 percent because the teeth are overlapping. With Invisalign, your teeth will be straighter and whiter.”

As treatment progresses, changing trays every two weeks will become less and less uncomfortable. However, sometimes I still get a toothache when I take the aligners out.

One disadvantage of the braces is that you can no longer use your teeth in as many ways as usual. Biting your nails, biting off adhesive tape or even grabbing something with your mouth, for example folding towels, is more difficult. In addition, I am often a bit clumsy and have almost broken through the rails several times when inserting and removing them.

However, these are rather minor problems and overall I am satisfied with the treatment so far. And the fact that when I’m almost 30 I don’t have to wear braces that run over my teeth like railroad tracks is an advantage that easily outweighs all the disadvantages!

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