Investing in Online Gambling


Investing in stocks has its similarities to investing in gambling. The objective is to invest capital at a risk of making profit. If profit is made, that’s seen as a great investment, if capital is lost, then it’s seen as nothing more than a learning curve.

Investing as a whole is a great idea. More people need to be encouraged to invest their disposable income and research the potential gains of investing. If done correctly, the gains can be incredible. The issue is, some people don’t have the time to research potential investments, or just find the whole thing too complicated and boring. So alternatively, they look at online gambling as a way of ultimately doing what they would do with a stock investment, putting money in, hoping for a profit.

Of course you can argue that gambling is more of a gamble, hence the name. The aim of casinos is to make a profit off customers, that’s why they exist. Whereas that is not the case of investments, they want the company and the investors to be winners. But gambling can often be seen as a more entertaining way to “invest”, with different types of games, styles, win bonuses, etc. 

Sports betting to stock markets

There is a similarity when you compare stock market investing and online gambling, there is no question about it. Both depend on supply and demand, high profit, and loss, and of course price volatility.

Gambling doesn’t have to be at a casino or sportsbook necessarily, gambling goes on all the time in the stock market. With so many people having access to investing platforms, all it takes is a little tip or comment made by someone of authority and you get prices of sticks shooting through the roof or plummeting to the ground. A great example of this was when GameStop went manic for a few weeks, due to some controversial tweets from Elon Musk. The aftermath of this event led to the online community speculating and of course gambling onto the stock, without any understanding of the technicalities that surround this stock specifically. 

What are the ways you can invest in online gambling?

Online gambling has seen huge growth within the past few years. With online casinos being open 24/7, it’s really convenient for customers to play where they want, when they want. This could be a reason why they sometimes choose gambling over stock investing, as stock investing can have particular market closing and opening times.

Anyone can have an online gambling account (as long as you are over 18), which is what makes it so attractive, the sign-up process is relatively quick and easy, and with the way blockchain technology is evolving with online gambling, investors can link their digital wallets into their accounts, which not only is more conventional, but also very secure and safe when using on online gambling sites. Once your account is created, you can send over an immediate deposit to your account via electronic or digital transfer, and you will be able to immediately play and enjoy the privileges of the online gambling community.

The growth of the market is expected to continue and rise further due to the many interested parties involved, be it affiliate marketing, or gaming developers that possess innovative technologies to integrate within a gaming experience. The online gambling realm is only at the beginning of its enterprise, and that is what is very exciting about the matter.

Online casinos are taking over the industry

As briefly mentioned above, the online casino industry is really taking over. The online revenue is expected to triple by 2023, in comparison to 2020 values. The reason for this is the many changing legislations to allow the residents of particular states and countries to participate in online gaming activities. 

Besides online casinos the number of gambling affiliate sites has also seen a global increase. Affiliate sites offer a selection of casinos to the visito with the sites making commission based on traffic referral or user sign ups. Besides aggregating lists of leading casinos, these sites also offer reviews of individual casinos to help players make their pick.  They are hugely popular with online players in Canada – some leading players include, and

The enhanced technology is making the process entirely seamless and reflects even better on the overall user experience. Additionally, the technology created for live casinos, by leading developers on the market such as NetEnt, Microgaming and Playtech, have pushed the boundaries of convention when it comes to playing live casinos. With more investment in the cameras, AI and so much more, the experience is even more interactive and therefore exactly what gamers are looking for overall.

Investing in online gambling is a risk, as with many other forms of investment now, but it currently is one of the only interactive and fun opportunities offered now, and makes the entire experience from start to finish, an exciting one.

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