Interview with Dov Katz- The Future of Mental Wellness


Mental health has been a big topic of conversation in the past few years. Especially since the Covid-19 pandemic when people are stuck at home, they seem to be suffering from depression and anxiety more than usual. 

Therapy is a very helpful solution for most people and a lot of therapists suggest medications to help deal with the stress of day-to-day life. Although medication can help most, getting the right dose is a very personal issue and can take months of trial and error to make a difference. This is where 2130 Labs comes in.

2130 Labs- co-founded by Dov Katz is a mental wellness company that combines plant-based medicine with AI technology to solve medication problems most people struggle with when dealing with mental wellness. 

We got together with Dov Katz to learn a little more about him and his company.

A little about Dov Katz

Dov lives in Ramat Hasharon, he is married with 3 children, and one on the way.

Today Dov is working in Israel at a startup company that he founded and runs in the medical devices field with plant-based medicine. Professionally, Katz has a lot of experience leading companies and technological teams, experts in robotics, AI and computer vision. Dov is a big picture thinker, but also has the technical capability of going deep into detail.

Katz is the CEO of the startup company 2130 Labs – a revolutionary well-being company that deals with mental health by herbal medicine-based therapy (including cannabis) and using the dedicated hardware we develop and AI algorithms to tailor the treatment to each person.

What is the future of your company? What services do you provide?

2130 Labs works in the field of medical equipment for the world of natural extracts. We are developing a device that looks like an inkjet printer. It can mix a collection of cartridges of natural materials to produce a treatment that is customized for each person. With the feedback given to the device after each use our AI adjusts the treatment next time so that in the end there is an exact match for each one. Kind of like Spotify in music but in the field of mental wellness. We hope to help people suffering from anxiety, sleep problems, depression, overweight, energy, concentration etc.

Our focus is on developing a product that combines material and software. With the help of data and AI we solve a complex problem of matching between natural materials and genetics or mental state with the goal of finding the most appropriate treatment for each patient.

What problems are you solving with your product?

The main problem is that there is no precision in our field and no customization. Both things are because of the complexity of producing an accurate dose of substances and the need to understand a complex human system, problem, and chemistry. We solve this as stated with the help of hardware, data and AI.

To conclude, we believe the future of mental wellness is going to change dramatically for the better. 

Special thanks to Dov Katz for his time and contribution to this field.

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