Interpreting the Benefits of a Project Management Career

Project Management Career

By Melissa Mauro

Developing your skill-set in securing opportunities, gathering decisive resources, strategic planning, organization & control, leadership, management of resources, and tactical execution of tasks to accomplish explicit business goals within the designated time frame could well land you an excellent career project management.

Project managers are crucial across virtually every niche there is. Especially when it matters, they are the professionals depended upon to determine the best line of approach/attack that is more suitable for kicking off a project. Furthermore, they are required to re-examine and identify with each of the project’s objectives to scrutinize and bring-on-board the required experts. They are also required to manage and monitor the progress of their work to accurately execute the set of target tasks that will eventually accomplish the ultimate goal(s) of the project.

In addition to the key management and organizational skills, a professional project manager has to be an efficient problem solver, possess math skills that are above average, have excellent human relation skills, and be a clear communicator.

The demand for project managers today is very high, especially with the world continually evolving. Different industries continue to advance as they strive towards more accomplishments in terms of evolutions. There is competition within and across niches. Hence, the demand for the expert know-how of project managers across various niches. These niches include custom writing review services such as Best Writers Online , health care, construction, etc.

As you would expect, the benefits are enormous, ranging from huge pay-cheques, continuous exposure, new markets/products/services, first-hand interaction with the latest technology, and exposure to a variety of customers across various niches and enjoyment varieties of activities.

Let’s look at some of the unique benefits of taking on a career in project management.

Benefits of a Project Management Career

  • Huge Salaries/Pay-cheques

Project manager salaries are usually very competitive. An entry-level project manager can earn a minimum amount of $59,700. The offers can even get better depending on the nature of projects your services are being hired for. Globally, the median salary for project managers starts at $90,250. Project managers with professional certifications such as PMP certification, for example, can receive at least $10,000 more compared to project managers who do not have any professional certifications.

The median salary for project managers in the United States starts at $69,990. However, project managers practicing in the IT field earn over $108,080 a year. They are the highest-paid industry at the moment. Generally, hard work, dedication, and securing a good number of certifications can win you big contracts and huge pay-cheques in the project management business.

  • Enjoy Working Freely Across a Variety of Industries

Project-oriented assignments are common across a wide variety of industries. These include writing service reviews industry e.g., Writing Judge, the tech industry, and so on. However, many of the skills required to serve one industry can be used to service other industries in the same capacity. This makes it very easy for you to interchange and shuffle contracts between a wide variety of industries whenever you want to. It opens the door for you to explore while enjoying the leverage of picking your contracts according to your personal preference.

A list of some of the most familiar industries that often require a project manager’s services include:

  • IT
  • Architecture
  • Engineering
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Finance
  • Construction
  • Software development
  • Manufacturing
  • Telecommunications
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Real estate development
  • Etc
  • Job Security

Starting out in this job as a project manager, may most likely be contracted as an assistant for the first few years. This period offers you the best opportunity to complete your PMP certification, amongst other relevant certifications, while also gaining experience on the job and receiving a good pay-cheque. The continued high demand for project managers across virtually every industry alone assures you of your job security. As you become a full-grown project manager, you will soon become high in demand and start to attract offers from top clients and land on huge contracts with lots of benefits regularly.

There are several predictions for project management job openings to increase in millions with the coming years meaning that this line of career is sure to continue to flourish in years to come. For instance, the PMI official website has estimated that we should expect well over 699,999 project management openings by 2020, and over twenty-two million project management job openings through 2027. Generally, the odds are high and continue to fall in favor with each estimate giving this career an assurance of long term job security.

  • Explore a Variety of Activities

A lot of people get bored over routine jobs where they have to do the same things repeatedly every single workday. As a project manager, you get to enjoy a variety of activities as you work on different projects. Working with different people and various projects all the time, you will find that each project presents you with different challenges that will encourage you to modify your thinking pattern.

You will learn to focus on the bigger picture and learn how to oversee your employees while managing limited resources. You will also learn a lot about teamwork and enjoy the shared fulfillment that comes with accomplishing a project’s set goal(s).

  • Become a Leader

As a project manager; you get to put your leadership skills to good use and a difference. If you can put your team together and lead them effectively, you can encourage them to use their strengths and put them to good use on the project while inspiring them towards the project’s ultimate success. In the end, you will become your team’s hero after a successful project. Also, you get to re-experience this type of wonderful accomplishments with new teams on new projects making your career all the more exciting.

  • Continuous Learning and Growth

As a project manager and leader, one of the things you get to enjoy is continual learning. It can become boring if you are the only one dishing out knowledge all the time. Thankfully, one of the several activities you get to enjoy while on the job as a project manager will be learning new things, especially as you work across various industries. You will naturally get to learn about and become familiar with the latest technological developments associated with that field. You can take advantage of the limitless learning opportunities there are to get by becoming a PMI member.

Through learning, you can also gain new skills that can be useful both in your career and personal life. You will learn about negotiation, risk management, organization, and so on. You can even pick up several other professional skills.

  • Enjoy Limitless Collaborative Opportunities

The opportunities for collaboration as a project manager are limitless. One day you could land a contract that has you working with a team of individuals around you. The next, you’re handling a huge contract where you find yourself collaborating with international experts on a new global project.

As you collaborate with different people from diverse cultures, you will also learn different ways of achieving different goals; you will learn about different cultures, make new friends, and so on. You will also be exposed to lots of other opportunities.

  • Solve Problems and Achieve Great Rewards

As a project manager and leader, you will get to solve lots of problems while on your career’s journey. You can use your team’s creativity to find lasting solutions to long-standing issues and become heroes. For example, you get a federal project as a project manager and successfully achieve the project’s goals. You and your team will receive federal accolades, amongst other great benefits. To know how you can win more rewards, find out more here.


Project Management is a career on the rise that has a massive pay-cheque to its credit and has a lineup of several other noteworthy benefits. Project management has been projected to have long term job security in the coming years. This career is also very much in demand across a very wide range of industries.

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