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Instagram reels

It may take a lot of effort to manage an Instagram account, so as social media marketers, we’re constantly searching for methods to streamline our processes. With the help of Instagram Reels templates, you can quickly and easily build a unique, shareable Reel in this situation. In what ways might Reels templates be used? Let’s explore.

What Are The Templates For Instagram Reels?

Social media managers may simply post Instagram content by customising reusable visuals or videos called “Instagram templates” repeatedly. With the help of Instagram Reels templates, you can make Reels with pre-programmed music and pre-determined clip lengths.

Any Reel with music and three or more clips can be a template. The best thing about Instagram Reels templates is that they take out the time-consuming procedures of picking music and editing clips together to sync with it. It enables you to modify more quickly and catch trends early.

How To Utilise The Templates For Instagram Reels

Using Instagram Reels templates, getting started is quite simple. We’ll show you how to do it.

1. Look For A Template

There are two ways to discover Instagram Reel templates:

  • Tap the camera while in the Reels tab, then switch to Templates.
  • Look for any Video in your feed with a “Use template” button while watching it.

Pro tip: Save the Images of any templates you like as you browse through your Instagram feed so you may use them as templates in the future.

2. Include Clips In The Layout

Tap Use template after choosing your template. You’ll be sent to a screen where you can choose from your camera roll to put your photographs or videos into the placeholders. To add media, tap the placeholders.

Choose the pictures or videos you want to see in the Reel next, in the order you want them to appear. Tap on each placeholder to choose a new clip if you want to alter a clip. Tap Next once you’ve decided on the clips you want to use.

3. Modify Clips

Using a template, you cannot alter the length of any of the clips. You may, however, choose which part of the clip is shown. To accomplish that, tap the appropriate area of the clip and drag the white box there. Tap Next after you’re satisfied with how each clip is aligned.

4. Edit And Post!

It is the stage when you may embellish your Reel with text, stickers, filters, or drawings. The standard choices for publishing a Reel are available once you hit Next, including adding a cover, location, caption, tags, and other options. Next, click Publish to finish!

Reels - Edit and Post

Tips On How To Create Better Reels

You’re probably ready to start testing it out now that you can build Reels on Instagram utilising themes. A few pointers and recommended practises to help you enhance your Reel game will be provided to you before that.

Use A Template Library

Despite the usefulness of the Instagram template collection, finding what you’re looking for may be a challenge. Users may only swipe left or right to browse. It might make locating the precise template you need a little difficult. Think about using a resource like the Canva template collection instead.

This collection has thousands of Reels templates, which you may explore by thumbnail. Hence, at a look, you can determine which template you would wish to employ. The duration of each template is displayed when you hover over its thumbnail, making it simpler to pick one that fits your needs.

Use Templates And Current Music To Produce Reels

Now and then, a new Reels craze takes across Instagram. Those themes are prevalent across the platform, and everyone produces similar content. These Viral trends, typically driven by an audio track, are a quick method to get seen on the network and draw in new followers.

Use Reels templates to their full potential to catch the next big trend. You may jump on board right away before the craze truly takes off because templates make it much simpler to produce new Reels. Doing this increases your chances of drawing attention and setting trends. You can find the best templates on Savein.

Make Use Of Your Own Templates

Do you still have in mind the reel you worked so hard to perfect? Such work doesn’t have to be wasted, though. Whenever you upload your Reels, Instagram automatically converts them into templates, provided:

  • Your account is open to the public.
  • It includes music.
  • It consists of three or more edited clips from Instagram.

It allows you to regularly produce high-quality content by reusing your own templates. If you use your own templates often, you may be able to maintain consistency, which is crucial if you create content that is frequently centred on the same subject or theme.

The Bottom Line

Check your overall stats to determine what’s working for you and those above. See which of the several Reels you’ve made utilising templates seems to encourage the greatest engagement. To verify whether you obtain the same outcomes, think about applying the most well-liked Reels templates again.


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