Instagram Live Can Be A Great Tool for Businesses – How To Successfully Develop This Strategy

Instagram Live for Business

Videos are considered to be the most engaging form of content on social media. And live videos can be a great addition to your content plan, thanks to many factors. More and more businesses tune in using Instagram live for promotion purposes. To keep on the edge of the trend should introduce live streaming in your business strategy, besides that you have the option to buy ig live views to enhance that experience. And in this article, you will find effective tips and hacks that will help you to integrate live streaming smoothly into your promotion plan. 

Why You Need To Use Live Streaming On Instagram

Let’s set things straight – all the forms of content that are offered on Instagram must be used by creators. The variety of formats makes an online dwelling more interesting and engaging for the audience, hence they spend more time on the platform, increasing the chance to meet and fall in love with your brand. With over a billion active users per month, this is a pure Klondike of customer attraction and retention. Live streaming offers a completely new approach to communication between customers and companies – instant and less formal. While you are in session with your clients, you create a close and strong bond that increases loyalty to the brand and builds up your reputation. 

Set The Right Goals

Nothing can be more boring, than a completely pointless meeting, which basically leads anywhere. You, as a presenter, have to lead your audience through the streaming topic from A to Z, and for that, you have to get a clear understanding of your stream’s purpose yourself. Long before you start your live presentation, you must come up with an idea that will be the leitmotif of all your sessions. And of course, you must set a goal for every stream to come. For businesses, the most popular thing to do on a live stream is product presentation and Q&A sessions. These are great, but also try to think out of the box. 

Create A Plan

To become successful and make your content more visible to the audience, you have to stick to a schedule. Frequent uploads and planned events will attract more users to your profile. And live sessions are definitely not suitable for a pop-up format. Decide how often you can host a stream and begin to promote it beforehand, to get the most user retention as the stream is on. Setting a schedule works just like TV did at the times of glory – it made people stick to their screens by a certain date. Well, of course, to make that effect possible, you must present your upcoming stream as an event that one simply cannot miss. 

The Format Of Impression


Although live streaming is an event where improvisation is highly popular, for businesses it will be better to make a small script and dedicate the stream to a concrete format, to keep the consistency of your brand image. Here are some examples of popular formats that you can use for your live stream sessions:

  • Interviews. By inviting a relevant guest, you will lower the pressure on yourself as a presenter and improve your brand awareness and reputation, as the authority and popularity of your guest will work in your favor. 
  • Behind the scenes. Lifting a curtain a bit can be a nice improvement of your content plan, because in such a way you let people feel involved, and thus increase their loyalty to your company. 
  • Product presentation and launch. This format works exquisitely for apparel! By showing your products in a real-time way, you can expose their quality and benefits transparently.
  • Q&A. In such sessions, you can improve the relationship with your customers, with honest communication and friendly manners. 

Promote Actively

It is not smart at all to expect that people will react instantly as they see the live stream icon in their feed. To make the most of your stream, aka attract as many viewers as possible, you must run a promo campaign that will make users aware and ready to see your stream. Create a short trailer to run through your profile in stories, igtv, or regular feed posts. Make sure that you have explained what people should expect to see, but leave the intrigue and surprise vibe, to heat the interest of the audience during all the campaign. 

Get Some Practice

There is a chance that you will have cold feet right before your live stream. This is completely normal, and there is a way to avoid it. On the Instagram live settings tab, you can find the Practice mode. Toggle the button to turn it on and try out your ideas to see how they can turn out in motion. This opportunity allows you to eliminate all the controversies and as a result present to your viewers a smooth and perfect image. 

Also, check out all the details of your surroundings, to make sure you look good and the details are visible to the audience. The place can be anywhere you like, however you should avoid too colorful and detailed backdrops. A plain wall with a few accents is the best option. Remember that you must make sure that the internet connection is stable and strong. 

Communication Matters

You must always keep in your mind that Instagram is a social platform, thus communication is vital for success. While you are streaming it is rather easy to talk to your viewers. The significant complication is the fact that it can be hard for you to read comments and answer them quickly, especially if the conversation is going from topic to topic. The optimal decision is to ask someone to help you out with comment reading and select the most frequent and interesting queries.

It is also important to keep the environment friendly and positive, so it is recommended to use features that allow you to control the contents. Turn on the comment filter in your settings and select either a basic set of restricted words and phrases (Hidden words) or create your own range of terms and phrases you consider offensive and harmful to you. 

Make A Story

To make the experience great for users, you should make your stream complete – it should have a beginning, core, and ending. Although, as it was mentioned before, it is all about improvisation, it will be better for your performance to have a basic script beside you. With it, you can steer the session through the tides of small talk. Follow your plan accurately, but of course, it is not prohibited to step away from your plan every now and then. 


Instagram live streaming is an important instrument in the range of your business promotion strategy. Many things that you must consider, depend on your industry and the overall style of your profile on Instagram. But in this article are collected versatile tips that can be helpful for anyone who wants to become known and popular through social media. Streaming requires some effort and preparation, but as a result, you will get enhanced relationships with your audience.


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