Innovations in the Casino Industry

Casino Industry

The casino world has long been associated for having a stronghold on innovation. With technology being used to its absolute maximum, it’s not a surprise to see some of the most creative and modern methods used to provide incredible experiences to players. We’ve taken a close look at some of the best innovations that have come along over the last few years.

Live Casino Games

This is an area that’s really taken off in recent times at online casinos. It was actually an innovation that a lot of other areas have taken note of, to try and create their own content. Live dealer casino games provide players with the ability to watch an actual live stream of a casino game, and then interact with it to play the game in real time. It’s something that has taken players to new heights, in terms of how immersive online casino games are.

However, not all sites offer live dealer games, so it is important to look at different review sites, such as Gamble USA, in order to find the best ones that have the games available. Once this is done, then players will be able to enjoy the game in all of its glory right away.

What the games use to provide the experience, is live video streaming technology. It’s something that a lot of different platforms had offered in the past, but without the level of interaction that live dealer games provide. The software that is linked to the video stream, allows players to make decisions that the dealer on the other end of the camera, will be able to see. They will then carry out the instructions, just as if they were in a real-life casino. There’s also a chat room function added, so that players can talk to each other and enjoy the social aspect of the live dealer. It is widely regarded as a big part of the future of casino gaming.

It doesn’t end there either. Live dealer casino games have also taken the decision to create different forms of casino games, using live dealer software. These take the form of game show style games, such as Crazy Time and Dream Catcher. The games allow players to play a wheel of fortune style game, that offers cash prizes for successful players. It’s something completely new that has innovated the market.

Sports Betting

It might seem strange to mention sports betting, especially considering it has been around for a very long time. However, online gambling has innovated sports betting by offering in-play betting. This is something that has been debuted pretty much since the advent of online sportsbooks, although obviously US states saw this later than a lot of other countries.

What it involves, is players having the opportunity to place a wager on different aspects of a sporting event while it is in play. So, perhaps placing a bet on an NFL team to win when the third quarter has just started, instead of placing it before the game has started. It offers a lot more flexibility to gamblers, and it makes it easier to find the best value for different bets.

This has also expanded to different markets, which offers a lot more choice than ever before. While there isn’t too much for sports betting to innovate, the addition of in-play betting to the options that are available, is an example of how even older betting choices can still be improved upon.

Payment Methods

Payment methods have pretty much been the same for players for a long time. The option to make a payment using bank transfers or card payments, has been in place for quite a while. It has made the process easy for players to use online casinos to carry out simple payments.

However, over the last few years, some newcomers to the scene have arrived. E-wallets were the first to come along. This offered players the chance to make much faster deposits and withdrawals to their accounts without having to provide any of their bank details. It made the whole payment process a much quicker, and easier experience.

Then after that, cryptocurrency started to be accepted. This provides players with a whole new way to pay, which also has the added bonus of not being linked to bank accounts, and as such, they can’t be tracked by the bank when making a deposit or withdrawal.

Both of these are significant innovations when it comes to allowing players flexibility when making a payment. It has changed the landscape for online casinos in an area that is likely to have continued innovation moving forwards.


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