Innovations and Technology Trends in Casinos That Transformed the Gambling Industry

Gambling tech

Modern technologies are undoubtedly impacting the future of online gambling. In recent years, many technology trends in casinos are changing the route online gambling is taking. 

There are countless aspects of the online gambling business that have improved due to the technological innovations of the century. It’s more than important to mention the best improvements and form a good understanding of the industry these days. 

Besides the business perspective, we must also look at the player experience. We can quickly notice that these advancements integrated into the processes of online casino development have impacted the user experience, making it more enjoyable, secure, and accessible. 

In this article, let’s specifically talk about augmented reality and virtual reality, blockchain technology, two-factor authentication and how it’s helping to up the security game of the casinos, OCR technology and its role in the live casino at Gamblecity (겜블시티), chatbots, and NLP technology, and so on.

AR and VR for Real

Augmented reality and virtual reality make the player really get immersed in the game by including more human senses such as vision, smell, touch, and hearing. That is to say; they create a different perception of reality. The virtual world seems to become even more real. 

The perfect mix of hardware and software is what allows the user to physically enjoy the experience and come in contact with the artificial world ‘objects’. According to statistics, the global revenue of VR headsets has increased thanks to the fact that it has become prevalent among casino players. 

However, AR and VR are not totally the same and have a few differences as well: AR creates the imitation of artificial things, you can see both the real and unreal, and VR makes things more present in the environment thanks to the hardware that is used. 

VR Gambling can be best imagined if we say that it’s like bringing a land-based casino home. The only problem can arise in the software’s accuracy: whether the speed and the quality of the graphics can be ensured during the fast-paced game. 

Considering that VR and AR can become revolutionary in terms of growing revenue streams for casino operators, major manufacturers of casino games have started to incorporate these technologies into their games, such as VR roulette, VR slot machines for online slots (온라인 슬롯), etc. 

Cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain Technology

Cryptocurrencies are taking over the whole world, not leaving out the online gambling industry. They’re one of the most popular technology trends in casinos, and thousands of players, as well as casino owners, can approve of that. 

Blockchain technology was introduced to us a few years ago, but back then, not many people fully trusted it as a game-changer. Nowadays, we can see how it’s entering every industry and changing the way financial systems work. 

In the betting and gaming industry, in particular, blockchain technology guarantees speedy, secure, and momentary transactions when placing bets, making withdrawals and deposits via cryptocurrencies. All in all, every reliable casino business now, including CloudBet, BitStarz,  7BitCasino, the Powerball site (파워 사이트) , mBit, N1 Casino, and others, has cryptocurrencies as one of their payment methods; hence blockchain technology is here to stay.

2FA as one of the Smartest Online Casino Trends

Two-factor authentication is a technology that we all depend on when it comes to the security of our personal information. In the online casino development, 2FA has played a significant role in identifying users and their locations when entering the online casino. It’s also crucial for players because as they enter their account, they get a digital code to complete the login procedure.

If you get a code out of the blue, it will be your sign that someone is trying to break or hack your account. So that they can steal or encrypt your whole data. 

When you have two-factor authentication activated, you know that even if someone gets access to your login and password, they cannot break into your account.

Live Casino and Optical Character Recognition

OCR simply helps transmit the game details into data later encoded by the Game Control Unit. OCR technology in the cameras saves the necessary data for later use, for example, when players have disagreements. That’s when the recorded data will come in handy. 

This particular technology traces and records many tiny details in the gaming room, as well as the game actions, the moves that the live casino dealer makes, the shuffles, the distribution of cards,  the card symbols, and the numbers on the roulette wheel, etc.

NLP Used in Chatbots

There is a technique used by the artificial intelligence called natural language processing, which, with the help of a particular algorithm, helps chatbots understand and extract informations from words spoken and written by people. And because this is a technology, it develops faster than the human brain. Therefore, sometimes chatbots provide better customer support than people would. 

After all, all these technology trends in casinos are taking the casino industry to the next level, paving opportunity paths for many iGaming operators. Technological advancements are never stopping their course of progress, and as time goes on, many other types of technology trends will be introduced to humanity.


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