Innovate Your Multi Service Business with the Most Trending Tech Stack

Trending Tech Stack

The mobility trend is still upgrading, and with that, it becomes necessary for all small and large size businesses to keep up with the market trends. If you want to serve a large size of the market, then you must have a digital platform to serve your customers. Digitalization gave us the best trend setting up on fire to the food and transportation industry, which is the concept of multi service application. Multi service apps provide all kinds of goods and services in one platform, just like a one-stop solution for all your demands. 

Such multi service apps are known as Super apps as well, where one can shop for every essential thing like food, grocery, clothes, and medicines, and possess various services like delivery, ticket booking, taxi booking, etc., at one platform. If we take into consideration of the super app, we can get to know that various leading super apps are currently ruling the multi service app industry worldwide. Such as Rappi from Latin America, Careem from Dubai, Omni from Central America, and Gojek from Indonesia. The below chart shows the positive responses of consumers about super apps. 

Most Trending Tech Stack

Apart from this, Gojek’s story is much more inspiring for all small startups, making them believe that one small investment and innovation can lead to generating the highest earnings. For sure, here is your correct time to jump into the mobility market with the help of owning a multi service app platform. Before stepping into the digital market, it becomes necessary to know the current ongoing trends. By adopting the trending tech stack, you can easily provide your customers with what they want, and by doing so, you can pick the right technology to promote your business. Here is the guide to check out to know the most trending tech stack for your multi service business.

Understanding the on-demand Multi-Service App 

First of all, Why is Gojek an on-demand module? The answer is it is a lifesaver for all online businesses to reach out to a large size of the audience and to compete in the digital market. You can add versatile products to offer your customers with multi service app. Consumers can buy food and groceries, make cab bookings, make payments through e-wallets, and more can be done with the help of a multi service app platform. Gojek’s operating panel usually has four parts – admin panel, user panel, merchant panel, and driver panel. The admin panel has full authority to control tasks running on the platform. Now let’s check out some of the latest tech stacks that will benefit to add on your multi service app platform.

Latest Technology to Build Your Multi Service App 

Here are some trending and latest tech stacks that will be beneficial to choose for the multi-service app or Gojek like app development process. 

Live Tracking 

The demand for live tracking is constantly increasing among users. The live tracking feature is an important tech stack for the food and transportation business. With live tracking, users can check on their order status quickly, not only to check the order status, but live tracking is a must-have tech stack for transportation services where consumers can see the location of their booked ride on the platform. On the other hand, it is also beneficial for the owner and business partner to check on their cabs. 

AI and Machine Learning 

Here is the perfect resolution to reduce human error in the developing process. With the AI tech stack, one can boost productivity 24/7. AI is the most crucial tech stack to calculate all the fares for the trip, and with the help of machine learning, the app can show you the predicted time to arrive cab at your door. Hence this one stands for the truly required tech stack for your multi service business.

Security Analysis

With the evolution of advanced tech stack, it is also essential to maintain a secure environment for users. You might get an advanced tech stack to launch your app, but there will always be hackers to threaten your data. So as long as there are hackers, there will also have a demand to innovate security analysis. Therefore you must maintain cyber security and privacy to protect your digital platform and maintain a better relationship by protecting your customer’s data. 

5G Network

We all are aware of the extensive popularity of the 5G network. It is undoubtedly going to change the ride-hailing industry with its super speed. 5G will operate various facilities in the field of the internet of things, augmented and virtual reality, will connect vehicles without drivers, and various possibilities are waiting to be executed with 5G. 5G will impact the economy with its advanced technology that will lead the multi service app market to the next level. According to reports, there will be 5 million 5G subscribers by the end of 2028. 

Low Code Apps 

This one indeed stands for the best tech stack for the app development process. This trending low code app tech stack allows one to develop apps without having a coding experience. This reduced the time of development and benefited those who wanted to build an app on an urgent basis. Various low code development platforms allow you to build an app by drag and drop features. Initially, it helps to save costs on the hiring process of developers. 


There has to be seen a rapid hike in chatbot technology. A case study shows that almost 40% of users like to interact with chatbots. The chatbots can easily interact with the consumers, which gives a satisfied user experience. The tech stack will be more advanced and quick to interact with chatbots, where users can get a more human-like chat experience. Users can easily get to know their queries or questions regarding your product with the help of such chatbots. 

Multi Currency Provider 

To create a multi service app platform, you must have to add multiple payment options. So that customers around the globe can purchase products from your application. Not limiting the payment options allows your customers to pay from various payment options which are easily accessible to them. 

Push Notification 

Which strategy will work to make your customer engage with your application constantly? Seems to be a challenging task, right? Do not worry; you can easily make your customers use your application by sending them regular updates in the form of push notifications. Push notification works as the best marketing strategy to interact with your customers. Users will be more active on your application by seeing updates regarding the offers and discounts. 

Accelerated Mobile Pages

This tech stack aims to make page loading speed faster. As the name suggests, accelerated mobile pages work to faster the loading speed by decreasing the unnecessary codes. According to a Google case study, the Accelerated mobiles page takes less than a second to operate a page compared to Non-AMP pages. Therefore this trending tech stack can benefit your app by reducing the loading speed. 

Cross Platform Apps

This one also stands for the life-savior tech stack for the developers. Well, there are a majority of users for both platforms – Android and iOS. Therefore, it makes it difficult for developers to generate code for both platforms, whereas cross-platform apps make it easy to develop an app. The developer has to generate the codes for ones, and he/she can implement the codes on both platforms. Using cross-platform apps also saves a lot of time and expense.


You can effortlessly launch a multi service provider app using the right tech stack. Hope the provided tech stack will help you to innovate your multi service business. One thing is for sure that, trends are not constant; therefore, it’s required to choose the right tech stack that will help you to achieve your goals. 


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