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Value in art is one of the most important factors that determine the success of a painting, even much more than the choice of color. There could be two colors that appear completely different but has the same value. If you feel this is out of your knowledge or if you don’t have the time to do it yourself, you can always opt to look for a professional service that can help you with the work. Companies like cl mcdaid painting offer excellent painting services, with a qualified staff that can help you complete the task in no time. Let them know what you want, and they will make it happen for you. There could also be different values for the same hue. They are called shades and tints. Tints of color are produced by adding white, while shades of color are produced by adding black. Value in art is the degree of whiteness or blackness of something on a scale of white to black (black has the lowest value and white has the highest value). 

The relationship between value and color

In painting, value is much more an important structural element than the hues available. Hues are of less importance in setting the structure of your paintings. This is not to neglect the role of color in painting. Color gives physiological importance to your paintings. Applying values inaccurately to your paintings is differentiating different objects by making use of just colors, space, and shape, it will look merely like an abstract painting with no specific direction. Many oil painters usually start with dead colors in order to set out different values, then they add colors on top.

Tips for painting in interior design

As far as the understanding of value is important, your choice of color also indicates physiological importance.

  • Selection of warm neutral colors – Before starting to paint in interior design, decide on the color you would like to use. Neutral colors help anyone who would be visiting the house or other family members develop a sense of peace. As it goes with just anything. Neutral colors like beiges, grays, gold, tans or greige – which is a combination of gray and beige can be used, or any other neutral colors of your choice.
  • Prioritize each room appropriately – When a small room is painted appropriately, space tend to appear larger. A larger space seems to appear in small space if you paint it with a lighter color, and the trim and walls have the same color. Applying Warmer and Darker color to a large room makes it appear smaller by giving you the “cozy feel”. You can observe the effect of natural and artificial light on a color to determine which color to use. 

Tips for painting in exterior design 

The first view that people see in your house is the exterior view. 

A house made of brick might not require fresh painting. Exteriors like stucco will do. Applying too many colors to your home exterior might be distracting, and this will makes the house looks smaller.

Neutral colors that would remain in trend in the next five to ten years should be used instead, as exterior painting is mostly changed when it has peeled or cracked. To get a quality full exterior painting, it is better left to be done by experts. Because of the lack of required equipment like spray tools and a ladder. As a homeowner, you can choose to repaint your garage or front door. But it is better for a professional to help paint the whole house exterior. A professional will help determine colors that might likely hold up due to weather.

Tips for choosing a paint type

The type of sheen chosen also determines the quality of the painting or how easily a wall can be cleaned. Here are different paint types to be used appropriately;

  • In bathrooms, not only the walls should be painted, but also the ceiling. Semi-glosses should be used in bathrooms where there is a high percentage of moisture.
  • Eggshell or flat sheen should rather be used for a broad wall, as it hides the unevenness in the wall than how a satin will.
  • Semi-glosses is better used for doors and trim for easy cleaning and wiping off of handprints.
  • Sometimes, price is also an indicator of quality paint. Try to spend more by buying a better paint than a cheaper but less quality one. In the long run, you tend to spend more on fewer quality paints. As it will require more coating and it will be less smooth. Less quality paint will quickly fade off and there will be a quick need for another repainting.

Use high-quality brushes or rollers to get an even finish.

  • Semi-gloss coats and satins are better used for stain resistance and durability.

Painting techniques

  • Clean dirty surfaces before painting – Oily or dirty surfaces should be cleaned with a deglosser before painting. Painting over dirty or oily surfaces will make the paint easily peel off, and reduces the adhesion of the new paint. Cleaners are applied in a circular motion using an abrasive pad. Starting from the bottom to the top. After cleaning the surface, fill in any holes before painting. If you want to paint your car or your industrial equipment, a paint booth would be helpful.  
  • Paint should be rolled along edges to achieve a consistent texture – Areas close to trims that are painted with brush usually have a different texture when compared to surrounding paints. To prevent this, roll out the paint before it dries out, after brushing on it. This will give a consistent texture with surrounding painted areas.
  • Mix several cans of paint in a large bowl – If there is a need for usage of several cans, there might be a slight difference in the color of each painting, which might be noticeable when applied. In the middle of the painting, there might be a need to open a new can, which may end up being slightly different from others. To avoid this, mix the paint in a large bucket before starting, to give a consistent color throughout the room. This mixing process is usually called “boxing”.
  • Place cotton cloths rather than plastic on floors of working area – Regardless of how careful you are, paints usually spill while working. It is much easier to pre-plan for this than going through the stress of wiping them off your carpet or tiles after working. To prevent this, drop thick or cotton cloths in your working area, rather than plastic drop cloth. Which doesn’t stay in place because they are slippery to walk on or even set on the ladder.

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