Important Keywords to Learn Before Kick-starting Your Bitcoin Career


More precisely, the modern era is the era of cryptocurrency and bitcoins. The fraction of people investing in bitcoins is increasing continuously around the world, many places and online stores have even started accepting bitcoins as the mode of payment, and those who have not started investing in bitcoins are thinking of starting soon. Still, it becomes complicated for beginners to know the meanings of commonly used bitcoin terms; if you also find the same difficulty, read the article below to learn about it.


You have to give someone your address to receive payments from them, it works similar to an email address, but the difference is that you cannot use the same bitcoin address in more than one transaction.

Double spend

When scammers try to send bitcoins at one time to two different receivers, this is called double-spending. In such situations, blockchain technology comes to aid and will decide the validity of one of these two transactions.

Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin mining is the extraction process of new bitcoins in which miners from different parts of the world compete to guess the correct nonce before everyone else; the winning miner gets a new block, and you can add the rewarded block to the existing blockchain. For mining, you will need competitive hardware, which can be a little expensive, software, and a suitable electricity supply. Furthermore, bitcoin mining impacts the environment as much energy is consumed negatively for working hundreds and thousands of computers worldwide. Also, the specialized hardware used for mining loses its efficiency after a particular time and needs to be replaced, and the old ones add to the existing waste around the globe.

Peer to peer

You might have heard this term a lot while researching bitcoins; this term defines that bitcoins do not involve any external body in the transaction processes; only the consent o sender and receiver is required to make a payment. Moreover, the absence of a third party makes it convenient to make transactions in less time and even with lesser transaction fees.

An exchange

A bitcoin exchange acts like a communication mode between sender and receiver. The centralized exchange involves an external body in the trading processes, while decentralized exchanges give you the right to trade privately without any interference from an intermediary. While choosing the proper exchange, you should look for factors like security, background in scams and frauds, customer care services, and most importantly, the transaction fees. 

Bitcoin ATMs

Bitcoin ATMs are just like regular ATMs, which can be used to buy, sell and even trade bitcoins. These provide complete privacy to the users as you do not have to fill any KYC, and no records are being taken; this also makes the process faster than usual. Anybody who has used a regular ATM can use a bitcoin ATM, making it convenient for people.

Blockchain technology

Blockchain technology provides a shared ledger that is used to record transactions; once the data is recorded, there is no way to edit it; even if incorrect data is recorded by mistake, a new record will be made for the correct data, and both the new and old records will be displayed, this ensures the authenticity of data and also high security of your personal information.


A confirmation confirms that the transaction has been processed, and you can not reverse it now. You will receive one confirmation for smaller amounts, while for more significant amounts, more than one confirmation should be expected; it depends on your enormous amount.

Bitcoin wallet

When regular wallet stores your assets and lets you pay using them, bitcoin wallets also allow users to pay, sell or trade their assets, but the only difference is that they do not store your bitcoins; they preserve the private keys used to access your account. A cold wallet is like hardware and is considered the safest to store your currency.


A bit is a small portion of a bitcoin, just like a Satoshi.

In conclusion, the above article must have given you a clear image of all the essential keywords associated with bitcoins. Once you start trading and investing in bitcoins, you will learn many new things daily.

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