IMind Platform: The Best Tool for Remote Business Communication


Video conferencing is now a required solution for many businesses – even those that do not include remote cooperation in their management system. Video conferencing technology was so helpful that knowing how to use it – is indispensable knowledge currently. What comforts does iMind offer, and why is it considered one of the best tools for online business in 2022?

What is iMind?

The platform is a software solution for virtual meetings available to be used through various systems. The project started its development in 2011, and since then, it used many cooperation opportunities to enhance the user experience and the functionality offered. The platform is considered for business use – it has four plans that offer sets of features convenient for different companies’ sizes. The basic plan is free of charge, it is comfortable for use for personal needs and by individuals that need video conferencing for work not so often. Other plans offer more advanced options and are pretty universal for use in various spheres.

Why prefer iMind to the other similar tools?

The main reason to choose iMind over the other solutions in the same category is that the iMind tool is more versatile. It has everything necessary for teachers, marketers, top management, project teams, etc. Some of the main advantages include the following:

  • Easy and understandable interface. The platform is designed so that it is simple to understand the visible functionality and find the feature that you need for some purpose. 
  • Simple algorithms of use. To create a meeting room, you need only to enter the name of the room and keep it unique. To join the conference, follow the link you’ve received. 
  • The tool is applicable through various systems. You can download the desktop app, use iMind on your smartphone (or tablet), or join through the browser. Such freedom of choice allows for comfortable usage independently from the circumstances. 
  • Each plan is balanced harmonically to meet the requirements of each business size it is supposed for. Thus, if you buy a subscription for yourself or your team, you realize clearly that you pay for professional quality.
  • Baseline features of the platform allow for comfortable remote communication whether you’ve bought a plan or used the tool for free. It makes the free plan a full-scale tool, not just a trial space. 

Some of the other possible benefits are more individual, so you can discover them when start using the iMind platform.

The core features of the platform

Some of the core features that distinguish iMind from the other identical solutions are:

  • the simplicity and versatility of use have been mentioned already;
  • screen sharing opportunities – iMind allows for simultaneous screen display without limits;
  • the tool provides top-quality video (SD-HD) and audio (background noise removal) channels;
  • ample room for manual settings if there are some problems with the Internet connection;
  • monitoring of the connection quality with the analytical statistics display;
  • users can set up the volume of the attendees manually for their communication to stay comfortable even with different hardware people use;
  • recording opportunities – users can record, store, and share the recordings from the cloud;
  • the tool provides safe communication due to encryption of the data transmitted through the platform and allows for visual authentication of users who join the conference;
  • the maximum limit for one conference is 24 hours, whether it’s a one-on-one meeting or a group conference.

These features are fundamental for any video conferencing tool to be helpful for most categories of people who need remote communication solutions. Most of them are not under the impact of plans and paid opportunities. 

The iMind plans

The plans of the iMind platform are convenient for various-sized businesses. More specifically, they include the following options:

  • Free usage is appropriate for individual users who need the tool for personal needs and freelance activities. It provides up to ten URLs to create and up to a hundred people to invite for one meeting. 
  • Pro subscription extends the limits and adds more opportunities for professional use. More specifically, there’s no more limit for room creation, custom branding available, the ability to create group-managed rooms, and advanced recording possibilities.
  • Business plan allows for even more considerable scope. At this point, you’ve got an individual subdomain to create your URLs, a personal account for customer service, and media streaming functions available. Data storage opportunities are also increased compared to the Pro option.
  • Enterprise usage allows for the widest freedom of action and is dedicated to huge companies. This plan gives you prioritized support through a personal manager, on-place delivery, cloud monitoring, and other proficiency features. 

If you’re interested in details, you can learn more on the pricing page or by calling the team. 

The first steps on the platform

To start your first session on iMind, you should take several simple steps that do not include downloading. To create an account and your first meeting room using the tool, you should:

  1. Go to the website. 
  2. Find the Sign-Up button and click it.
  3. Look through the options and choose the one convenient for you to create a profile. 
  4. Choose the subscription – Free plan is decent to try how the system works. 
  5. Then, you’ll see the main page of your profile. The part where the meeting room URLs are supposed to be — takes most of the screen. Above, at the upper part, you’ll find two main buttons: Join and Create. 
  6. Click Create and invent a name for your first meeting room. Enter it at the relevant bar.
  7. Click Create once again, and you’ll get your first link. Copy and share it to invite people.
  8. To start the meeting, click the link. Choose if you’re ok to continue in a browser or if you prefer to download the app.
  9. If you’ve forgotten someone, invite people from the meeting room.

Try yourself to see more!

Video conferencing may be tricky if you use improper hardware or software. Whatever equipment you use, the iMind solution can help you enhance your online communication experience. Try it now, discover the plans and pricing, and see the difference!


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