ILGM Reviews 2024: Is It Legit? Deals, Discounts & Verified Customer Feedback 


By Samuel Fisher

Do you love growing marijuana? We know, we do! That’s why we’ll be discussing I Love Growing Marijuana, otherwise known as ILGM in today’s article.

We will delve deeper into their best features, germination guarantee, the highest-rated strains, ILGM seed bank reviews by users, and much more!

So, tag along and find out more about this world-renowned seed bank that keeps leading the cannabis game!

ILGM: Brand Overview

ILGM is an online seed bank, established in 2011, best known for their quality seeds, free shipping, and germination guarantee.

Some of the key features that sets ILGM apart from other seed banks is their commitment to transparency, user-friendly and simple interface, ILGM coupon codes, free resources, stellar customer service, and guaranteed delivery. 

Let’s look at some of the other unique features!

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What Makes ILGM Unique: Best Features

ILGM stands out in the crowded seed bank market due to its exceptional features that cater to the needs of cannabis growers. 

Let’s explore some of ILGM’s best features below:

Discounts, Promos & ILGM Coupon Codes

Discounts and promotions play a major role when it comes to discovering new seed banks, as they allow you to explore a wide variety of strains you might have not tried before. We love the fact that the growers can purchase premium seeds at a reduced cost by using ILGM discounts.

What makes ILGM special are their generous discounts, promotions, and other offers. While discounts and promotions can be found on their website, you can find these discount codes via the ILGM newsletter that customers receive. 

New users can also receive $10 off their first order without an ILGM coupon code. But, please note that ILGM coupon codes often arrive in your email inbox and you can use them accordingly.

100% Germination Guarantee

ILGM takes pride in the quality of its seeds and offers a splendid germination guarantee. This means that if any of the seeds purchased from ILGM fail to germinate, the company will replace them free of charge or refund the costs of your items. 

Germination guarantees can provide peace of mind to growers and allow them to grow their seeds confidently.

Grow Guides & FREE Resources

If you’re a new grower or you simply just want to explore a strain you haven’t tried before, guides and resources can be a huge weight off your shoulders.

ILGM’s grow guides offer valuable information on various aspects of cannabis cultivation, including germination, growth, and harvesting. These resources are invaluable tools that empower growers to achieve optimal results.

Simply visit their website, scroll all the way to the bottom, and discover not only grow guides and resources, but grow courses as well, allowing you to master the art of cultivation.

Free Shipping

Who doesn’t love free shipping? We know we do!

ILGM offers free shipping nationwide for all US states. Whether you’re located in Virginia, Arizona, New Jersey, or Oregon, you’ll be sure to enjoy a guaranteed free shipping by ILGM, making it convenient for growers located anywhere.

Guaranteed Delivery & Reshipment

That’s right! – ILGM offers guaranteed delivery with a reshipment opportunity in case your order fails to reach you due to unforeseen circumstances.

The seed bank takes great care in packaging their seeds to ensure they reach their destination safely and discreetly.

Payment Methods

Banking options at ILGM are truly one of its many perks. ILGM accepts payments in cash, bank cards, bank deposits, bank transfers, and even Bitcoin!

This flexibility in payment options makes it convenient for growers to make their purchases securely and easily.

Site Navigation

ILGM is one of the most renowned seed banks due to how straightforward it is to use their website features. Their user-friendly website makes finding the perfect strain for your needs a seamless process.

Discreet Packaging

Along with free shipping and guaranteed delivery, discreet shipping is also a priority for ILGM. The packaging is plain and doesn’t reveal the contents, allowing users to be at peace with their confidentiality and anonymity. 

Contact Page & ILGM Complaints

ILGM is very responsive and helpful when it comes to their customer support and complaints page.  If you encounter any questions, concerns, or issues, you can easily reach out to ILGM’s support team by scrolling all the way to the bottom of their website.

This dedication to customer satisfaction is a testament to their professionalism and reliability.

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Types of Seeds Sold by ILGM

ILGM offers a wide range of cannabis strains with various THC and CBD percentages. Along with feminized and autoflower seeds, you can also filter products by choosing Sativas, Indicas, hybrid strains, as well as high-THC seeds and beginner mix packs. 

ILGM Seed Reviews – Best Strains

In this section we will cover ILGM seed reviews and guide you through some of the best marijuana seeds available today at ILGM

1. Super Skunk Feminized

When looking through ILGM seed reviews by users Super Skunk caught our attention. 

Super Skunk is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain that is very popular among ILGM customers. Having 80% Indica and 20% Sativa mix, along with THC levels of 14%, Super Skunk can be suitable for beginners and experienced growers, as it’s quite simple to manage.

Super Skunk ideally grows in mediterranean and indoor climates and usually flowers within nine weeks.  Super Skunk’s aromas can be reminiscent of citrus and earthy notes. 

So, if you would like to experience the relaxed and euphoric effects of Super Skunk, ILGM is a place to go!

2. Maui Wowie

Maui Wowie is known for its energizing and uplifting effects that start at the first hit. Being a Sativa-dominant hybrid, Maui Wowie brings its users high-energy euphoria that lasts for a long time due to its 20% THC levels.

Maui Wowie has fruity, pineapple aroma and loves indoor or warm climates that help this plant grow in up to 10 weeks.

If you’re on a hunt for a potent and energizing cannabis strain that is both amazing for a daytime use and night time socializing, Maui Wowie is available for you at ILGM in various sizes!

3. Afghan

Another strain that caught our attention when researching ILGM seed reviews by users was Afghan. 

Having a THC level of 20%, Afghan is a widely popular strain among ILGM customers who like to feel relaxed and uplifted at the same time.

This 100% Indica strain is perfect for beginners, as it grows wonderfully both indoors and outdoors from eight to ten weeks.

As for the aromas, Afghan is rich with earthy, herbal, and spicy taste and scent. Users have reported that it’s quite unique in its own way and that’s what makes it so special.

4. Northern Lights Feminized

One of the highest rated strains at ILGM is Northern Lights – an Indica-dominant hybrid with 18% THC levels.

Users have praised Northern Lights for being helpful with stress and anxiety, as well as chronic pain, while providing them with euphoric high and relaxing feelings almost immediately. The strain has won the Cannabis Cup for its potency and overwhelmingly positive ILGM reviews from users.

Northern Lights is a perfect strain for indoor growing and it can flower in no longer than 9 weeks. 

5. Sour Diesel

After becoming popular in the 1990’s, Sour Diesel hasn’t stopped being in the spotlight. With overwhelmingly positive ILGM reviews, Sour Diesel is suited for daytime and nighttime use, as it has been reported to make users feel uplifted, talkative, and energetic.

Sour Diesel is a Sativa-dominant strain with 20% THC levels and it grows perfectly in indoor, Mediterranean, and steppe climates. 

ILGM Seed Bank Reviews from Marijuana Growers

ILGM has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from users from all around the world. Let’s take a look at some of the ILGM reviews and see what are the main aspects they touch upon, shall we?

While looking through ILGM reviews, we have found one user that has given ILGM the highest rating and has praised the seed bank for quick delivery and amazing customer service, as well as the quality of the strains.

quality of the strains

In another one of ILGM reviews, Bob has given positive feedback regarding the germination rate of the seeds they had ordered from ILGM.

from ILGM

In another one of ILGM reviews, the fast germination was also praised by Michael, while also mentioning that the items were delivered quickly. 

delivered quickly

ILGM Seed Bank Alternatives 

After reading ILGM reviews by customers, and you’re still unsure where to buy your seeds from, here are some of the most trustworthy and popular alternatives you might like:

1. Seed Supreme – Best Alternative Overall

  • Free cannabis seeds
  • Free discreet shipping
  • Germination guarantee available
  • Promo code MORESEEDS for Buy One Get One offer
  • 10SEEDS for 10% off

Seed Supreme has been one of the best seed banks worldwide since 2013. It offers free sample seeds on your orders and free shipping on all orders over $90.

Seed Supreme also offers guaranteed delivery on all orders and has a convenient return policy. 

The payment methods at Seed Supreme are extremely convenient, ranging from bank card, to cash, to e-wallets, all the way to cryptocurrencies. 

2. Homegrown Cannabis Co. – Best Loyalty Program 

  • 10% off your first order
  • Discount codes offered
  • 24/7 customer support

Homegrown Cannabis Co. offers free shipping nationwide for purchases over $99, a VIP program, and special discounts on strains. 

They offer stealth shipping and express deliveries, and promise refunds for faulty items. Payment methods include Visa, Mastercard, bank transfer, Green Money, cash, and Bitcoin.

3. Seedsman – Best Free Seed Deals

  • 10 free gifts with all orders
  • 10% off your first order
  • Germination guarantee

Seedsman is another renowned Cannabis seed bank in the US that offers a wide range of cannabis seeds of various kinds.

With a germination guarantee, you can be sure to feel secure with your orders. But, don’t forget to also take advantage of the free seeds Seedsman provides, to help you explore even more varieties of cannabis. 

ILGM Reviews – FAQs

Here, we answer a few frequently asked questions about ILGM.

Who Is Robert Bergman?

Robert Bergman is the founder of ILGM. With over 25 years of experience in cultivating cannabis, he is highly respected for his expertise and passion for the plant. 

Bergman is also a big advocate for medicinal marijuana and is dedicated to sharing his knowledge and providing top-quality seeds.

Is it Safe to Buy Cannabis Seeds Online at

Yes, it is safe to buy marijuana seeds online at ILGM is a world-renowned cannabis seed bank that has established itself as a reputable and trustworthy seed bank over the years. 

Countless positive ILGM reviews from satisfied customers further validate the safety and reliability of purchasing cannabis seeds from

Which Payment Methods Does ILGM Accept?

ILGM accepts several payment methods, including cash, credit card, debit card, bank transfer, bank deposit, and even Bitcoin! Along with your payment methods, make sure to use your ILGM coupon codes in order to get the best deals!

How Long Has ILGM Been Selling High-Quality Seeds?

ILGM has been selling high-quality seeds for over a decade. Founded in 2012, ILGM has consistently provided growers with high-quality seeds and exceptional customer service. 

After thoroughly researching ILGM reviews, we believe that their longevity in the industry is a testament to their commitment to excellence.

Where Does Source Their Seeds?

ILGM sources its seeds from reputable breeders and suppliers from around the world, including the US and The Netherlands. This guarantees that growers receive premium genetics that will lead to successful and rewarding harvests.

What Happens If My Marijuana Seeds Are Confiscated or Lost?

If your marijuana seeds are confiscated or lost, ILGM provides a reshipment guarantee. If your seeds do not arrive or are seized by customs, ILGM will reship your order free of charge. 

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How Long Does It Take for ILGM to Ship Cannabis Seeds?

ILGM ships your cannabis seeds within 2 weekdays and it usually takes between 2 and 10 business days for the delivery to reach you. After researching ILGM reviews, we are confident that your order will definitely arrive on time. 

Is ILGM the Best Seed Bank in the US?

ILGM is one of the best seed banks in the US. Numerous ILGM reviews praise the company for their extensive selection of high-quality cannabis seeds. 

With strains ranging from classic favorites to unique hybrids, ILGM caters to the needs of both beginner growers and seasoned veterans. 

Is Legit?

Yes, is legit! ILGM has been in the business for over 10 years and has built a solid reputation among the cannabis community.

How Many Reviews Has ILGM Received?

ILGM has received over 30, 000 reviews according to Kiyoh. This overwhelming number of positive ILGM reviews speaks volumes about ILGM’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

Does ILGM Give Away Free Seeds?

Yes, ILGM does give away free seeds with your orders. These free seeds are an excellent way for growers to try out new strains without any additional cost. 

What Are the Best Marijuana Seeds from ILGM?

The best marijuana seeds from ILGM are Super Skunk, Maui Wowie, Afghan, Northern Lights, and Sour Diesel, according to ILGM seed reviews by users. All of these seeds have been highly rated and praised for their potency and quality. 

Where Is ILGM Located?

ILGM is located in Modesto, California, The United States, however the seed bank also operates from The Netherlands.

ILGM Reviews − Verdict

ILGM seed bank reviews have consistently highlighted the company’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. 

With a wide variety of strains, transparent information, and a germination guarantee, ILGM is a top choice for growers looking to buy cannabis seeds, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced grower.

No matter if you end up choosing ILGM or opt for the alternative seed bank we’ve introduced in this article, we hope you find the right fit for you!

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