Ilgar Hajiyev: the history of the creation of the SDI Group and his success in the construction business

It was easy to build a business after the collapse of the Soviet Union for someone, but other ones had to strain themselves seriously. Many parts of Europe were in limbo. It was necessary to move on.

Businessman Ilgar Hajiyev is one of those who were not afraid of difficulties and dived into the world of capitalism, like into a pool with their heads. And his actions benefited not only himself as a newly minted businessman, but also the budget of his native country, and subsequently Russia.

It happened this way that many people knew about him precisely on the territory of the Russian Federation, but he began his career as a developer in his native Azerbaijan after it gained independence. People knew about a businessman firsthand in Turkey, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan. The latest news from the life of a businessman can be read in the article.

Ilgar Hajiyev founded the SDI Group Holding in Azerbaijan. It was such a kind of company that played a significant role in the life of the newly formed republic.


Why and how did it happen?

After the collapse of the USSR, many friendly republics were forced to start again. Azerbaijan came to independence in 1993. Heydar Aliyev was the president and he called on all businessmen of the country to help the population to provide jobs, to invest in the development of the state. But at that difficult moment, almost all industries were going through hard times, and most of the entrepreneurs preferred to do business in the territories of other states. But not Ilgar Hajiyev. Whoever says that patriotism is a kind of zombie, nevertheless his actions and views helped the country to reach a decent level, and everything was based on love for the native land.

An innate business acumen made it clear that the country needed development. And it provides the population with houses, and also allows many families to receive a stable income through work and feed their children.


How was it?

In 2005 Ilgar Hajiyev succeeded in many ways and was able to combine already existing on the market companies into the aforementioned SDI Group. Remarkably, the American fund Kasimir gave the corporation a score of seven! billion dollars. And taking into account the words of the businessman, the annual income reached $ 500 million. And after all, taxes were honestly paid to the state treasury from the amount, and this is not small support at all.

Due to such dedication and ability to work the Hajiyev’s company was able to raise Azerbaijan to a new level. The whole world started talking about the once small and poor state. The SDI Group Holding of Ilgar Hajiyev now and then showed itself at all international exhibitions and conferences, presenting to the world community successfully implemented innovations in the field of construction, as well as the manufacture of building materials.


How few real people are among us!

Sadly but today’s entrepreneurs tend to care a little of anyone but more about their pocket. People are the most valuable asset for Hajiyev Ilgar in his company. The corporation was not only able to provide seven thousand residents of Azerbaijan with jobs but also took care of their overall well-being and safety. Safety precautions are respected unquestioningly, all working conditions are the most comfortable.

A Leader in a short time.

In a very short time, the corporation has taken a high position in the rating of companies in Azerbaijan that are associated with construction.

The whole business is built in such a way that there are no intermediaries in the chain.

The company independently produces all building materials:

  •  concrete;
  •  brick;
  •  metal structures and so on.

Also, all constructors, designers, and developers worked exclusively within the company. This is how it was possible to control the quality of the work performed, and also to guarantee it 100%. Also, due to such principles, the most expensive and ambitious projects were implemented on the territory of the state.

Due to the good hand of Ilgar Hajiyev, the most important infrastructure facilities of the country were built. And now not only the SDI Group Holding can be proud of them, but the whole Azerbaijan, because due to the businessman, the country has acquired a new look and earned recognition on the world stage.


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