Ignoring These 11 for Sale by Owner MLS Listing Services Will Cost You Dearly


When selling a home as a for-sale-by-owner (FSBO), it is essential to promote it in places where buyers will notice it.

Considering how red-hot the American housing market was, home prices increased by 17%. Even if the US real estate market is anticipated to moderate in 2022 and 2023, rising prices will result in record commissions.

More and more homeowners are attempting to sell their houses on their own to save a substantial amount of money on commissions. These For-Sale-By-Owner websites enable you to save thousands of dollars in agent commissions.

Choosing the right For Sale by Owner MLS listing service makes a difference. That is why we have compiled a list of the top 11 For Sale by Owner MLS listing services that will cost you dearly in the long run if you choose to ignore them now.


Houzeo offers the optimal blend of maximum savings, maximum exposure, innovative technology, and five-star customer service.

An innovative technology platform that enables homeowners to advertise their properties on the MLS for a minimal flat fee, you’ll be working with a listing agent who normally does not charge a commission. This immediately saves you about fifty percent of the agent commissions.

Houzeo also lets you choose from a range of packages, personalize them according to your needs, and select services such as contract analysis, price guidance, professional photos, and more.

After registering, home sellers can access a dashboard where they may receive, review, and compare bids. Additionally, the platform supports features like contract updates, counteroffers, house showings, lock boxes, and yard signage.

Houzeo is the most sophisticated For Sale by Owner MLS listing website in the United States, according to Google and Trustpilot evaluations.

With zero hidden costs and 100% MLS visibility, everything is automated and your listing will be live within 8 business hours when you subscribe to Houzeo’s concierge.  From the list of the top For Sale by Owner MLS listing services, Houzeo is a pocket-friendly real estate firm that you should consider.

You can check out Houzeo reviews to know more about them.

Flat Fee Group

Flat Fee Group is an association of brokers, with one broker ruling over many states. The availability of services is solely dependent on the state’s broker.

Some brokers have acceptable listing fees and terms, while others do not. The broker’s fee for a standard MLS listing with eight images in Washington is only $75. In Tennessee, however, the same broker costs $499 for an MLS listing with 10 photographs (plus some legal forms thrown in).

Check out Flat Fee Group and compare your state’s possibilities to the other top FSBO websites. Your local broker may have fantastic possibilities, even if they don’t always offer the greatest rate.


Here’s something that most FSBO sellers are not aware of is that Redfin allows FSBO listings, but only through Fizber or FSBO.com. Both the Digital Boost option from Fizber and the FSBO Package from FSBO.com include a Redfin listing.

Redfin is famous For Sale by Owner MLS listing service, which is economical and inexpensive to post an FSBO listing.

Redfin’s listings are available in the majority of areas, but not all of them; thus, you should first verify that your ZIP code is covered.

Redfin reviews suggest that once you put your house on the MLS, it will no longer appear as an FSBO listing on Redfin. It will appear as a standard listing with the contact information of your listing agent.


Another popular For Sale by Owner MLS listing service in the United States is Zillow, which allows FSBO sellers to build their listings. If you are selling FSBO, a Zillow listing is a wonderful way to attract more attention to your home.

Utilizing Zillow for an FSBO house is worthwhile because of the possible views, despite the disadvantages. Moreover, since Zillow owns Trulia, FSBO houses placed on Zillow are also posted on Trulia.


Homecoin’s paid option is accessible exclusively in California, Florida, Georgia, Minnesota, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia at the incredibly low fee of $95 per year.

Homecoin, unlike other flat charge MLS firms featured below, does not offer bundles. Instead, all of its services are offered as à la carte extras. This includes photographs, yard signage, lock boxes, and open house kits. Homecoin is a terrific one-stop DIY FSBO website if you know precisely what you’re looking for.

Prices and availability vary by area, though. It is more cost-effective to hire a low-commission agent for full-service assistance than to add a multitude of costly services.


Beycome is an Alabama, California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Minnesota, North Carolina, and South Carolina for Sale by Owner MLS listing services firm. Nevertheless, its expanded bundle is unavailable in California and Minnesota.

Beycome’s $99 listing fee includes the maximum number of MLS images, and a listing term that lasts until your home is sold. Its Enhanced plan contains several valuable extras, including a professional real estate photography session contract with 25 photographs, which is a tremendous bargain. In addition, you have limitless listing modifications.

One of the biggest drawbacks of Beycome is the restricted availability, which prevents it from being among the top three. The 1% Concierge service is not a favorite among sellers. The concept is pretty ambiguous on their website. For all you know, it could be a 1% on the sales price.


Fizber.com sells inexpensive MLS packages, with the most popular costing $295 and providing MLS listings with limited choices. The $395 plan offers more features than the $295 version but still trails behind.

Some of the drawbacks of Fizber are that its technology is obsolete, and the majority of its procedures are performed manually. In addition, there is no mobile application to assist you on the go. To list your home on the MLS, you will be sent to a local broker who serves your region/state. You will not have control over your selling experience due to the absence of brokers on the site (everything is offline).

There is also no assurance regarding the quality of the matching agent. Fizber.com’s MLS option is legitimate and functional. In comparison to other FSBO websites, Fizber performs better. However, compared to Houzeo, the technology and customer service are obsolete.


HomeLight has a vast network of successful sellers, top real estate agents, and brokers. They aid in the creation of customized instructions and resources for the house-selling process. HomeLight is one of the most renowned For Sale by Owner MLS listing services across the US.

HomeLight’s agent matching costs are free for both sellers and purchasers. Depending on the agent, the typical 5% to 6% commission still applies. Additionally, offers may be below market value. Your chosen real estate agent would be able to put your home on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

HomeLight provides information on the top real estate agents in the community of your choice for both full and limited service plans.

You may quickly receive bids from agents by completing a few questions about your house and timetable. Although the procedure is quick, only off-market residences are permitted.

To get more information, check out some HomeLight reviews on websites like Google and Trustpilot to better understand their services and packages.


ISoldMyHouse.com is a For Sale by Owner MLS listing website with a user-friendly, straightforward website. It has uniform add-ons, but lockboxes and yard signs are available, and it is accessible in all states except North Dakota.

ISoldMyHouse.com’s prices are not the lowest, but neither is they the highest. Their website also features a modest instructional center that FSBO sellers may find beneficial.

ISoldMyHouse.com’s MLS listing choices do not include further support. Customers who want assistance pricing their property or purchasing other add-ons will need to go elsewhere or utilize a bargain broker for full service.


HomeFinder is a real estate platform that connects buyers, sellers, and real estate agents. It has been in operation for fifteen years. Some HomeFinder reviews complain about a lack of availability in many areas, but the website is easy to use, and listing your house costs only $39 per month.

Overall, if you want to offer your house for sale by owner on a user-friendly website, HomeFinder is worth a look. However, their monthly traffic is far smaller than that of free FSBO sites like Zillow, and unlike other premium choices, HomeFinder does not provide an MLS option to expand the reach of your listing.


Craigslist is one of the oldest and most popular real estate classifieds websites. The website is outdated and cumbersome, but posting to Craigslist is straightforward.

Craigslist is popular among real estate speculators and flippers searching for fixer-uppers and distressed properties. Due to this, you may receive attention from investors who make lowball bids. However, if you have a property that needs repairs and wish to sell it as-is, this may be a suitable location to solicit bids.

Craigslist has a reputation for attracting con artists. There are a small number of scammers that target homeowners, so be skeptical of any checks you get and odd emails and messages.


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