Course: Financial Decision Making for Managers

Making the right financial decisions means never going in blind. Face ever-changing market realities with key insights into emerging financial trends and gain the tools to take advantage of new opportunities.
In the IE Financial Decision Making for Managers program, you’ll investigate new areas of finance and discover how to drive change. Explore real-world examples of the challenges faced by companies today alongside experienced financial-planning professionals.


Archive a study,
work, and
life balance.

High level of
interaction with
teaching team.
Practical and
hands-on approach
to learning.
Acquire certificates
of approval
on completion.

The flexible online format incorporates a varied methodological approach to help you apply key takeaways such as:

  • Assessing financial statements and creating value.
  • Understanding a company’s financial cycle to aid decision-making.
  • Using financial forecasting, predicting future funding needs and tracking cash flow.
  • Maximizing shareholder value, distinguishing between liquidity and profitability metrics.

In the context of a rapidly changing market landscape, lifelong learning allows dynamic professionals to stay ahead of the curve and reach new levels of success.


Move forward as a high level financial decision-maker, and make a lasting impact on your organization.
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