HVAC Marketing In The COVID Era – How Businesses Can Thrive

Things have changed for HVAC businesses in the COVID era as demand dries up and customer expectations evolve. Even normal business decisions are becoming far more complicated. When it comes to marketing, contractors need to rethink their ad budgets and strategies. Right now, it is important to come up with a new marketing plan that is just right for the situation. At the same time, it should be capable of driving genuine leads and sales to keep your business thriving. Here are some ideas to realign your HVAC marketing plan in the pandemic age.

Be careful with your messaging

A lot is being said about the impact that ventilation and indoor air conditioning can have on the spread of the virus. Right now, it is vital to work on your messaging and emphasize educational marketing as a part of your promotional mix. The idea is to gain the trust of the customer by going the extra mile with creating awareness on the role that HVAC plays in overall health. As consumers are staying indoors and all the more concerned about health and wellness, the right message will hit the bull’s eye. At this stage, you will also have to realign your messaging because you cannot afford to make claims that may eventually lead to accusations of misleading the consumers. As long as you can prove the claims in your messaging, you are good.

Choose the right channels to promote

While HVAC marketers need to be careful with the messaging, the choice of right marketing channels is equally important. Since advertising budgets are tightening up, it makes sense to make your campaigns more targeted. Ideally, your ads need to be where the consumers are. So the internet is the best media to get the hvac leads you to desire because this is where people are searching for services and providers during the pandemic. You can expect them to start searching online as they would want to focus on repairs and upgrades which they otherwise ignored when busy at work. Apart from paid ads and local SEO, you can consider investing in social media marketing and live events online to promote your brand. Email marketing with direct, personalized emails will also do the trick.

Show that you care

In a crisis situation like this one, consumers look for reassurance and that’s what you should give. Your marketing efforts need to be more about offering support rather than just selling. Let them know that you value their health and will be there to serve them right at their doorstep. Highlight the measures you are implementing for customer safety and pay attention to small things even as you are there for service. This is the time when you can win their trust and loyalty, which are enough to retain them for the long haul. So you shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity by being only concerned about selling.

Smart businesses understand that the crisis will pass eventually and that now is the time for laying the groundwork to communicate effectively and build relationships with the customers. The efforts that you make now will pay big dividends eventually, so it surely makes sense to smarten up your marketing approach.


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