How Traditional Classroom Training is Digging a Graveyard for your Firm?


According to a study, large companies spend $1,678 per learner during training programs while the figures in the case of medium and small-sized companies are $581 and $924 respectively. This shows that companies take training programs seriously since they know it is the key to unlocking the true power of the workforce. 

Whether you have to deal with the onboarding of new employees and upskilling of existing employees on an everyday basis or once a year, you need to be sure about the process, outcomes, and tracking system. But all your money, effort, and time in drafting an impeccable training program to fuel the growth of your business can go in vain if you are still using the age-old methods of training. 

While most businesses quickly realized the drawbacks of the traditional training methods and moved to learning management software for energy without any delay, there is still a vast majority of businesses that are still waiting for traditional training methods to turn the tables for them. 

Here is how your traditional classroom training is acting as a chain that is holding you from reaching your expected level of success and growth. 

No room for adjustment 

As an enterprise organization, you must have multiple locations across the globe. And while your basic process and strategy might be standard, every location requires a bespoke approach, even when it comes to training programs. But if you are using a traditional training method, there will be no room to make changes according to the needs of different locations, people, teams, and trainers. 

Traditional training measures like quizzes or PowerPoint presentations often fail to feed the right information to the new employees regarding the differences across different locations and teams that can never be standardized. If you wish to have some room for adjustments and design a bespoke training program, you must work on learning management software for energy. 

Lack of schedule management 

Having both the employees and the equipment your new recruits need to be trained on under one roof, at the same time, poses a serious logistic challenge. The equipment can be made available only when there is downtime because of maintenance issues otherwise, the new recruits will have to keep waiting. 

If you have a 24-hour operation, providing employees with the equipment they need to be trained on can become impossible and untrained employees pose serious threats. This problem can only be solved digitally when you choose a learning management system provider that even offers VR training. 

Lacks tracking 

The biggest drawback of using the traditional method of training is you never know about the progress of the learners. You don’t know which part the employees are struggling with, what part has built a common aversion among the learners, and what needs to be changed in the entire training process. 

Without these vital pieces of information, you just keep on forwarding notes, emails, and PowerPoint presentations and gripe about the dead-end after the completion of the training program. 

A reliable LMS offered by a learning management system provider allows you to keep track of the progress of employees and you are always aware of which employee needs to be moved to the advanced levels. Without it, it is all about guesswork. 


Using a traditional training method means forwarding emails, notes, PowerPoint presentations, and many other sources of information to learners without any guidance, planning, or strategy. This turns the imperative training into a formality that needs to be fulfilled not because of an objective or goal but just because it has been sitting there on the to-do list for a long time.

There is nothing worse for the learners than a disorganized training program where nobody has no idea what to do, what to read, which skills to hone, and what to expect at the end of the training program and this is why most training programs of companies without a training management platform results into a complete failure. 

Lacks engagement 

If you are not going to make your employees feel motivated by the training program, there is no way they are going to even think about participating in it. Unfortunately, there is no way you can keep your employee engaged in the training program if you are still relying on the traditional methods. 

Those long hours of presentations, piles of papers containing information written in the most attractive manner, and those formal emails, there is nothing to feel interested in when it comes to traditional training methods.

While on the other side, employees will have every possible reason to feel motivated about training programs when it is organized with the help of a training management platform. 

You must give the traditional classroom training method a long respite and bring in a powerful, easy-to-use, and user-friendly learning management software that can yield better results and help in honing the skills of your employees while keeping them enthralled.


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