How to Write an Instagram Post that Sells

Instagram Post

Instagram promotion is undoubtedly one of the best marketing tools for any business, regardless of the scale. However, a quality post that sells is not as easy to write as it seems. It requires both professional photo or video production and engaging storytelling. How to ensure the quality of your posts? Let’s find out.

What is a post that sells?

First of all, it’s a post with a clear call to action:

  • To make an order;
  • To download an app;
  • To follow a link;
  • To sign up for an event.

Having your own Instagram business, you can set up your posts as follows:

  • Upload a quality photo or video;
  • Briefly describe a product;
  • Add a link to the product;
  • Write a call to action.

However, a post that sells isn’t a mere plea to buy something. It’s a comprehensive set of reasons why a visitor should follow your call to action, with all possible benefits and drawbacks if ignored. Let’s take a closer look at best practices for writing Instagram posts that sell.

Define your target audience

Define your target audienceBefore working on the content plan, analyze your target audience and segment it as meticulously as possible. It allows you to increase the interaction rate.

Your post should contain a few words about who the product is created for. For example, “professional cooking program” or “software for paying your staffers worldwide.”

Keep in mind that describing more benefits doesn’t necessarily mean a better response. A potential buyer can be confused, so the simpler your approach is – the better.

Make catchy headings

Social media usually limit the number of symbols to avoid creating a mess of information. The rest of the content is hidden behind a “Show All” button. To lure a visitor at first glance – create catchy headings. Instagram allows no more than 150 symbols. A heading can be a:

  • A question to answer: “How to choose a ski suit?”;
  • Problem solution: “How to visit Italy without wasting a fortune?”;
  • Emotional post: “I’m done. I can’t take it anymore!”;
  • An intrigue: “Be careful, this one kills!”;
  • A listing: “Top-5 Netflix movies in 2023”;
  • Useful statistics: “80% employers prefer…”.

Use marketing triggers

Use marketing triggersWhile writing your post, use marketing triggers that help a visitor to take targeted action. For example, it might be a short-term discount for some products or extra gifts for first-time buyers.

Big brands always use this trick to justify a product’s buying. They let customers think the offer is a steal, so it’s better to choose it over the rest of the options.

Opt for simple storytelling

You shouldn’t make your text excessively sophisticated, as it will be ignored after the first few seconds of reading. Use storytelling instead of a straightforward promotion. Your text should be readable in one breath. Use short sentences highlighting paragraphs, and make lists if applicable.

It’s worth noting that using emojis doesn’t make your text easier to read. Emojis devalue it. Use them moderately, don’t start and end your text with emojis.

You can create a story about fine wine and how good it feels to taste Bordeaux at sunset. In the end, you drop a link to your winery. So, storytelling can make visitors want your products, even if they didn’t care about them before.

Call to action is a key element

Call to action is what makes a visitor perform the final action. Your story about fine wine is about keeping a visitor interested. But you’re not a magazine. You want them to follow a link to your winery. In the end, make it clear about your winery and all the necessary information before they visit the winery page. Don’t overdo it, but don’t just drop a link with no related details. In this case, they might simply google some other winery to taste that Bordeaux.

Make it versatile

Alternate your content from time to time. Otherwise, visitors will get tired of one-typed posts and start unfollowing you. A story about your winery might be interesting, but not 100 of them. Look for the most popular posts and adapt your content to the latest trends.


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