How to Utilize Automated Email Marketing


Although email marketing is one of the most powerful tools to achieve more direct communication with our clients and potential clients, this strategy must follow certain steps to achieve its maximum potential. Knowing how to automate the email you send will allow you to create specific campaigns and achieve optimal personalization in your communications.

What it means to automate email

As its name indicates, automating your company’s email will allow you to automatically send emails to your current and potential customers according to a program or triggers you defined previously.

Although it sounds extremely simple (and in part it is), just as it works with any other online marketing campaign, it is necessary to thoroughly understand the functions of these tools to increase the achievement of your campaigns.

As SendPulse, the email marketing campaign automation tool, mentions, there are several aspects in which it is possible to automate your company’s email, and they are generally divided into two:

  • Event-based trigger emails
  • Feed email content

Both types of communications can be used independently or together, according to the objectives you have set for yourself. An example is that you can start by sending an activation email based on events (for example, registering a client to your newsletter) by sending this type of communication at the intervals you have established.

What are activation emails?

The most common way to automate email is through triggered emails, that is, those that are “activated” based on the subscribers’ behavior, their actions, or lack thereof.

With them, you can forget about the tedious creation and sending of everyday messages since they include:

  • Welcome emails/onboarding or start and presentation of your product or service
  • abandoned emails
  • Recommendation of our products and services to a friend (sending discount coupons)
  • Milestone emails (birthdays, special dates)

Additionally, you can set up automated emails to trigger based on customer actions (behavioral email marketing) that will cover many more points than those mentioned above, including reward or bonus emails, among others.

What are feed emails about?

These types of emails are sent according to the period that you have specified above, so they are a great source of additional income and to obtain more potential clients, but they have to be done correctly.

With feed emails, you can send information to subscribers who have signed up for a free newsletter, taking them to the next step in the funnel.

Learn more about automated email marketing

Once you’ve decided on the actions you want your automated emails to take, you can follow the tips below to help optimize your campaign :

Segment your subscribers

Segmentation allows you to divide your subscribers based on specific criteria that will make them more likely to follow your call to action.

Personalize your messages

If you don’t customize, your emails in the spam folder are more than high. Personalizing your messages with elements as simple as their name or the products they were viewing or purchased will allow you to create a more personal and direct relationship with your customers and potential customers.

Connect your emails to custom landing pages

Make sure you have a landing page tailored to your email campaign, so your subscribers will feel more comfortable clicking through and relating to your brand and products.

Choose the right email marketing platform

It is of the utmost importance to have a reliable platform that can give you all the benefits of automated email. SendPulse, for example, offers you a multichannel platform from which you can combine various tools and automate your email, SMS, notifications, and transactional emails. These email marketing ways can help you grow your business. 

Always go for unique content

Audiences online always look for unique facts and talks. So always check your text’s uniqueness by using an online plagiarism checker. This will help you to know your text’s stats, and you will also beware of whether someone already has used this text or not. Moreover, plagiarized content usually doesn’t create the required impact. So making text unique is the perfect choice for better conversions, especially in automated emails. 


It’s simply impossible to send personalized emails to everyone on your mailing list. Automated email marketing combines the best of both worlds, allowing you to provide continuous updates to your subscribers while also providing a high level of customization.


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