How to Use Google Workspace: This FAQ Can Help You!


Transitioning to Google Workspace as a workflow can be a challenge for any company, no matter the size or industry. Whilst most people working in corporate environments and services might be familiar with Gmail and some of its adjacent applications, there is still a lot of novelty to adapt and adopt.

To do that, we gathered the most frequently asked questions on Google Workspace as a platform and answered them for you from a Google Premium Partner’s point of view.

How to use Google Workspace?

Workspace, previously called G Suite, is a seamless productivity suite built around Gmail. You might have used Google Docs, Google Calendar or Google Keep, but do you know how to manage all these applications under one umbrella? Let’s get you acknowledged with some Google Workspace basic usage.

How is Google Workspace different from a free Gmail account?

With Google Workspace, you will take advantage of many more features than in the free version of Gmail. But the most important differences are more storage space on Google Drive, email accounts in your domain, advanced control options, alerts, audits and reports.

What applications are included under the Google Workspace umbrella?

You will get all the necessary applications for office work, integrated in a single Workspace licence. The most popular ones are Gmail with business domain, Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Calendar, Drive, Meet, Chat, and Slides.

Additionally, in Google Workspace Marketplace, you can find several hundred plugins and add-ons that work with the office productivity software suite from Google.

How much storage space does Workspace guarantee for a single user?

There are three Business editions for Workspace and three different storage offers for each of them. With Google Workspace Business Standard, each user has 30 GB storage space, twice than the one for a personal Gmail account. Google Workspace Business Standard provides 2 TB per user, Business Plus – 5 TB, and Enterprise clients can use as much Drive space as they need.

Is my data in Google Workspace secured?

Yes, all the data associated with your Google Workspace account is fully secure. The safety and Google Workspace backup is confirmed by numerous certificates such as ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, SOC 2/3, and FedRAMP.

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How much does Google Workspace cost?

You can subscribe to any off the Google Workspace business plans: Google Workspace Business Starter, Business Standard, Business Plus or Enterprise editions.

How much does a business licence cost?

The price of a business email account in Google Workspace starts from 4.14 £ per user (in the Google Workspace Business Starter edition), reaches 8.28 £ per user for Business Standard and 13.8 £ per user for Plus edition. For Enterprise inquiries, you will have to contact the provider directly for a personalised offer.

Can I buy individual Google Workspace applications?

No, with Google Workspace, all the applications are designed to work together seamlessly. Your Gmail, Calendar, files management and communication apps are interconnected to ensure a good working environment.

Cooperation with a Google Partner

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