How To Use Die Cut Stickers To Promote Your Business

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Custom Stickers And Your Business

Custom stickers are an inexpensive means for businesses of all sizes to advertise themselves and their products when it comes to marketing. Custom made stickers are relatively cheap and effective as a marketing tool; many businesses invest a lot of money keeping up with the latest online marketing trends forgetting that basic marketing strategies like stickers are still effective.

What makes custom stickers an effective marketing tool

Die cut stickers are effective for marketing since most people do not see them as an advertising tool.

Human beings are visual creatures, and as such, the custom stickers should be designed in a way that is aesthetically pleasing to catch the eye of potential customers.

With custom made stickers, awareness of your brand will skyrocket if you distribute the stickers widely AND wisely. 

Some of the reasons business owners turn to custom made stickers for advertising include;

  • Customized stickers are eye catchers
  • They give you creative control and uniqueness
  • They are cost-effective
  • Enables a brand to engage with people in a less formal manner
  • It promotes simplicity in marketing
  • They are fun

Choosing the best custom made stickers

There are numerous types of custom made stickers with a wide array of designs to choose from; getting the right fit for your business requires you to have some knowledge of the available designs.

1. Finish. In customized stickers, there are three primary materials used in printing; Tyvek, vinyl and plastic, polyester and acrylics.

Tyvek and vinyl are more durable compared to the other options. Vinyl prevents fading when used in high heat or moisture conditions; it also moulds itself onto any shape and is thus easy to place on surfaces.

2. Coating. Stickers are usually either coated in glossy or matte and sometimes UV coatings. A glossy coating is more long-lasting and is weather and scratch-resistant.

3. Custom adhesive stickers. Modern-day stickers are self-adhesive and do not require a glue to stick them to a surface.

How to usefully utilize custom made stickers for your business

1. Branding gifts. Every business wants to be recognized by a larger audience, and custom made stickers can help businesses achieve this goal when distributed as tokens of appreciation.

Distributing the stickers to existing and potentially new customers at every available business platform will help increase your brand awareness. Similarly, if your brand has a catchy custom logo, customers will tend to stick them on their property like laptops; this will help more people know about the services you offer when the customer is going about their daily business.

2. Prioritize your customers. Identify the demographic your product appeals to and where the people in that demographic are likely to be. If you are selling sports products, an effective way to distribute your custom stickers would be at sporting events.

Approach potential customers and hold brief conversations with them before presenting your stickers; this will also help you gain customer insight to help you develop better products. Making personal connections with potential customers will make them inclined to buy what you sell.

3. Package branding. You can package your product in ingenious ways to ensure your custom stickers feature prominently on the packaging.

The custom stickers will motivate the clients to return if they are satisfied with your product or put them off if you don’t meet their product expectations. This strategy has been used by many companies successfully as it effectively creates awareness and interest in your products.

4. Place the custom stickers at the entrance of your business. You can stick custom stickers to your establishment’s windows; this will inevitably attract attention for everyone that goes through your establishment.

Additionally, it will also draw the attention of window shoppers, who can then be persuaded to try out your products.

5. Outdoor branding. Placing your stickers on advertising walls, poles, or park benches is a sure way to create awareness for your business as this are places that experience high traffic of people as they move from one place to another. Branding your assets such as company cars and other machines with customized stickers will also attract attention from the public, possibly motivating new clients.

In order for this strategy to work effectively, the stickers have to be eye-catching so that the public can be compelled to stop and have a closer look at them.

6. Online marketing. The online space has grown to dominate almost every industry. Online marketing is thus an effective tool to promote your business due to the sheer numbers of people that connect and engage on various online platforms. Customized stickers can be used to attract an online audience when they are published in online spaces or as NFTs.

You can also encourage your online audience such as your followers to re-share your stickers on their own pages.


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