How To Streamline Every Stage Of Your Commercial Electrical Contracting Business

Having a streamlined business and smooth processes is vital to the success of any organisation, as it helps you to provide quality customer service to clients.

Customer service is one of the most important aspects of any business, particularly commercial electrical contractors. After all, if your company makes a mistake during any stage of its processes, then it will have a serious effect on the business you’re serving.

No amount of apologising will change the fact that you provided a poor service to your client, who will probably look elsewhere for future projects. They may also give you a negative review online or tell their industry peers to avoid using your services, which could damage your firm’s reputation for the foreseeable future.

To help you avoid this scenario and offer you the chance to improve your customer service, retention and more, we’ve put together a list of all the ways you can streamline every part of your business’s process.

Use A Website Live Chat Solution To Liaise With Anyone Who Visits Your Site

From the moment they visit your firm’s website, your potential clients need to know that your business is effective and efficient. Use a live chat software solution to quickly direct inquisitive website visitors to a member of staff who can provide them with the support, advice and guidance they need.

Technology Can Help You To Create Quotes Instantly

When you’re pricing a job, there are many factors you need to consider. You can create a quote in minutes by using the electrical estimating software from Ensign. This innovative solution allows you to quickly, efficiently and accurately price up any job and provide a quote to clients in half the time it usually takes. This means that your potential clients will receive a prompt quote and know that they can rely on you for all their commercial electrical needs.

Give Clients A Single Point Of Contact

Clients who deal with multiple departments and team members will often become frustrated, so streamline the process by offering them a single point of contact. This efficient team member can liaise with every relevant department in your organisation and provide your clients with the answers and support they need. This means that they will always feel supported and don’t have to spend a lot of time and effort being passed between staff members in your business.

Fleet Tracking Shows Clients How Close Your Team Is

Once a client has booked a job, they want to make sure that you’re going to arrive promptly so that they can schedule their own staff’s workloads accordingly. They need accurate arrival times, which is why using fleet tracking can help. Use quality fleet tracking solutions that your clients can view online to help them feel supported throughout every stage of your firm’s service. Fleet tracking software will also allow you to manage your fleet’s time effectively and further streamline your services.

A CRM System Can Streamline Every Aspect Of Your Business

Customer Relationship Management systems, also known as CRM solutions, are designed to make your business more efficient. They benefit almost every part of your organisation, meaning that you can save your team time and provide your clients with the exceptional service they need to run their businesses. By storing all of your business communications, data and orders in one place, a CRM system can allow you and your staff to quickly view every aspect of every job and every communication between your company and a client, so that you can provide an integrated service.

Keep Staff Up To Date With The Latest Developments Using Newsletters

In the commercial electrical contracting market, staying ahead of the latest market and technological changes is crucial if you’re going to provide a quality service. It can be hard to make staff aware of the latest changes in this fast-paced industry, so consider creating a company newsletter. You can subscribe to other organisation’s newsletters and updates from the solutions and equipment providers you use, then compress the most relevant information into your own business newsletter. You can also add updates about your own business to the newsletter, meaning that staff will always know exactly what’s going on in your organisation and throughout the commercial electrical contracting space.

Use An Organisation App To Ensure Training Is Always Renewed Promptly

As well as staying ahead of emerging market developments, your staff also need to be trained properly and have the relevant electrical course qualifications needed to carry out their jobs to the highest possible standard. In the commercial electrical contracting market this is particularly important, as staff are dealing with a dangerous element and need to work safely in order to keep themselves and your clients protected. This training needs to be refreshed periodically, so use an organisation app to remind you when your team members need their training renewed. You can set reminders before their certifications and accreditations run out, so that you have plenty of time to book their refresher courses.

Provide Feedback Forms To Give Customers The Opportunity To Share Their Opinions

After every job is complete, you should provide your clients with a feedback form to allow them to share their thoughts with you. This will allow you to improve your company’s customer service and make clients feel valued. You can schedule the feedback form to be provided once the job is complete using your CRM system, so that your clients will always receive it promptly. You can then schedule a second message to tell clients that you have received the form and thank them for sharing their opinions and insight with you.

Create An App That Can Give Clients All The Information They Need At Their Fingertips

All of these streamlining techniques are valuable on their own, but they will be even more useful if you combine all of the client focused ones into one solution. An app is the ideal way to distribute all of the information you need to your clients. You might think it’s a challenge to create your own app, but it’s surprisingly easy and there are many different providers who can offer you cost-effective service if you need external support. Building your own app for your commercial electrical contracting business will allow you to streamline your service and give your clients all the support they need in one place.

Work Hard To Retain Team Members

One basic way you can streamline your commercial electrical contracting organisation is to reduce your staff turnover. Having the same team members for many years will not only save you time training new employees, but also give your clients the opportunity to build relationships with your team. It will also help you to create a supportive, motivated internal culture. All of these benefits will allow you to streamline your processes and provide your clients with a service they’ll want to come back for time and time again.

Streamlining your commercial electrical contracting business can do more than just boost your customer retention: it’s also important for saving your staff’s time, improving efficiency and generally boosting your firm’s profitability. This article will help you to identify ways you can streamline every part of your firm’s process and transform your organisation into the epitome of efficiency.


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