How to Start Investing in Wine and Alternate Stocks


I am sure that you have heard how important it is to invest in stocks and learn how to make your money work for you. You are unsure where to start and what stock you could trust to invest your money. Experts have been saying to think about something that has been here for a long time. What about wine?

Whether you are a wine drinker or not, it is well-known that wine has been a top-rated and lucrative product for a long time. Now, you may be wondering, why wine? For over 120 years, wine returns have outpaced art, bonds, and other alternative investments. Less volatile than stocks, wine investments have historically offered consistent returns that are not correlated with traditional markets. This combination of stability and profitability makes wine the ultimate portfolio diversification asset. Your next question should be centered around how to invest in wine… Keep reading to learn how to invest in wine. 

How do I get started?

Getting started in investing has never been easier. First, you create an account and gain exclusive access to collection details, news & educational materials, and community events. Next, you will access collections. For upcoming collections, details are made available 5-7 days ahead of launch.

Additionally, past investors will have access to reserving shares before public release. Lastly, you will be able to build a balanced portfolio. You will be able to buy shares in collections of the best wines in the world, build a diverse wine and spirits portfolio, or only invest in your favorite region, and the choice is yours!

This is the only SEC-qualified platform focusing on wine & spirits. Beyond SEC qualification, they pride themselves on best-in-class transparency, efficiency, low minimums, and no annual fees. They host events, talk with their investors, and love to build relationships with anyone on this platform.

What’s the catch?

As surprising as it may sound, there is no catch! Their mission is to make the wine market investable efficiently. This is done by increasing transparency, promoting diversification, removing barriers to entry, and putting the choice in the hands of their investors.

Their collections are SEC-qualified and completely transparent. they provide their investment thesis and data to support each collection.

Getting into a wine or spirits investment typically costs investors tens of thousands of dollars; with this company, shares can be priced as low as $25. If you are investing on your own, you would have to contend with storing and insuring your purchases, but this company does that for you. they make the process easy.

They also do not take any annual fees. they align their incentives with investors by taking a sourcing fee & buying shares alongside their investors.

How to invest in wine? How does it work?

This company’s collection curation approach to wine and spirits investing sets us apart. With this company, real people with decades of experience in the wine & spirits investment industries do the hard work of sourcing incredible collections to enable you to diversify your investment portfolio. No more “Magic AI” or being stuck with individual bottles you can’t sell. they are proud of their platform and sourcing process, and they want to show you exactly how everything works from collection development to the final sale.

Their in-house team leverages extensive market research and analysis to develop and source each collection. The wines are then transferred to one of their partner climate-controlled professional storage facilities where they are monitored, insured, and kept in pristine condition. They then determines the collection and share price of each collection before launch by taking the purchase cost of the wines and adding a small sourcing fee (8-10%) to keep the lights on. Next, they file paperwork with the SEC to qualify these collections before setting them live on our site. Collections will vary by size, theme, and even type of asset. 

Once a collection is filed with and approved by the SEC, they will schedule a time for that collection to go live. As one of this company’s core values is transparency, they work to provide extensive research and historical price data for each collection as well as comments on why their team chose to create this specific collection for their investors. Once you’ve had a chance to review these materials you can decide how many shares of a collection to purchase. To purchase shares, simply link your bank account or Alto IRA account and select the number of shares you’d like to add to your Portfolio.

Like real estate and art, wine and spirits are typically medium to long-term investments. Each collection will have an expected sale range, but these are estimates and the actual sale may occur before or after that date. The company is always watching the markets and is in constant communication with our partners and potential buyers to be able to act at the most optimal time to exit part or all of a collection. Their lack of pressure to sell and dynamic ability to take advantage of changes in the market sets them apart from others in the marketplace.

When a collection sells, they will return 100% of the proceeds to shareholders on a pro-rata basis, and you will receive a 1099-DIV tax form. Doesn’t this sound like a win-win!

The answer to your earlier question regarding how to invest in wine is simple. Create your profile and get started in the easiest way that is allotted to you using this information. This is the future of wine investing!


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