How to Stand Out from the Crowd with Your Marketing Strategy


No brand wants to fade into the background. After all the hard work building an ecommerce business and getting the right people to create the perfect brand to put out into the world, the last thing you want is for no one to notice. 

But with so much competition for attention online, many marketing and sales teams are rightly asking themselves how they can make their brand stand out from the crowd? The key is making your brand shine one person at a time through personalization.

How to personalize for your audience

Personalization means speaking to your audience on a human level. It’s about understanding who they are as unique people. By taking a few simple steps, ecommerce businesses can start personalizing their marketing strategies. 

  • Create a bespoke sales funnel which dynamically responds to where your customers are in their online buying journey
  • Develop engaging and original content which is based on what will be useful to your audience
  • Meet your audience where they are by marketing on the platforms and devices that they actually pay attention to
  • Keep an eye on your competitors so you can understand what your audience is already seeing and adapt accordingly

Create a bespoke sales funnel

No one wants to feel unappreciated, like another identical product on the manufacturing line of your business. That’s why your marketing campaigns need to feel dynamic and specific. Few tools are better for this than fully developed bespoke email marketing campaigns.

Email marketing should be the foundation of your marketing strategy. It’s usually the best data set you have for your customers and, thanks to a wide range of online tools, can be delivered in a personalized way at scale. Ultimately, you want to get the right email to the right person, at the right time, so they feel unique, understood and appreciated. 

This creates a bespoke sales funnel for your customers, both current and future. Marketing teams can then build further strategies on top of this, although email marketing should generally account for 30 to 40 percent of your revenue. Top that up with social advertising and influencer content campaigns, and your brand is well on the way to standing out from the crowd.

Workflow Strategy

Develop engaging and original content

There’s so much content out there in the world. More information now gets created daily than in entire decades of previous human history. So it goes without saying that if your content is stale, it won’t be seen.

Your brand needs to develop content that understands the needs of your audience and is personalized to what they want. If you know your audience is already thinking about their summer holidays, develop a video guide to your best destinations. If you know they’re loving a new show on Netflix, develop a blog post that helps them ‘get the look’ of the main character. 

Your marketing campaigns are only as strong as the content you can pair them up with, and useful content tailored to your audience provides the best possible platform for success.

Meet your audience where they are

You might understand who your audience is, but do you know where they are? In this case, think more broadly than simply their physical geography. Where does their attention live? Do they use certain social media platforms, and when do they log on? What devices do they use to access them?

There is a big difference between someone who gets most of their information via emails flashing up on their smartwatch, compared with someone who gets their information from watching Twitch live streams on their phone. Delivering your marketing campaigns to the wrong digital space is the perfect way to get lost in the noise. But be in the right place at the right time, and your chances of breaking through will soar.


Keep an eye on your competitors

No brand exists in a vacuum. This is particularly true for ecommerce brands where the online competition can be fierce. There is an ongoing battle for attention as brands compete to be seen before the next distraction takes over.

What channels are your competitors marketing on? What content are they creating? Who are their main spokespeople? This cannot just be a snapshot analysis, but should look at how their approach has changed over time

Your brand should then look for the blank spaces which your competitors are missing. Many will have overlooked a key marketing channel for example. Make the most of these gaps and your brand can grab a slice of the action much more efficiently.

Most brands are a labor of love and a true expression of the people behind the business. It’s sad to see so many get totally lost amongst their competitors in the online space. But ecommerce brands need not suffer this fate. By using the right tools and keeping their eye on what makes their audience tick, ecommerce brands can make sure they truly stand out today and into the future


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