How to Sell Your House or Apartment Quickly?

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Selling your house or apartment? Our step-by-step guide ensures a smooth sale. Need to sell my house fast for cash? Price competitively and enhance curb appeal for quick results.

Selling your house or apartment is a delicate step in the life of an owner. For the transaction to take place in the best conditions, it is necessary to prepare your questions in order to better control your sale. Our specialists have prepared a complete guide to follow the sale of a house or an apartment step by step.

How to find a real estate agency? What is a sales agreement? When to make diagnoses? What are the keys to negotiation? Choose a simple mandate or an exclusive mandate to sell?

Which Real Estate Agency To Sell?

There are many real estate agencies to sell a house or an apartment. But which one is the right one for the sale of your property? The stakes are high, so make no mistake. Even if it is possible to sell alone without an agency, it is recommended to be accompanied by a professional as an agent to be the interface between owner and buyer. Sell ​​a small studio or sell in SCI choose in peace.

To succeed in the sale of a house or an apartment at the best price, it is advisable to research your real estate agency. The real estate agency will allow, compared to a sale between individuals , to reduce the time of sale and thus not to immobilize your real estate capital for too long. The real estate negotiator listening to your projects, will have to sell your apartment or your house at the best possible price.

Finally, digital real estate agencies are revolutionizing the real estate agent profession and offering a turnkey service by reducing fees by two or more. Who? The NYRentownsell real estate agency offers a personalized service using all the digital technologies at its disposal. For a single commission of 3%, an agent takes care of selling a Parisian house or apartment by negotiating the best net selling price. Key savings of several thousand euros for seller owners.

How To Find A Real Estate Agency To Sell?

Look for a real estate agency only for the proposed commission, error! The main thing is above all the quality of the service rendered by the professional in relation to the agency fees offered. Selling a house or an apartment should not be limited to the amount of agency fees. A real estate agency, regardless of its commission, must be able to support you during all stages of the transaction. A quality real estate agency accompanies its owners in all stages of the sale: distribution of the advertisement, management of buyers and visits, power to convince for the negotiation phase, constitution of the sales file during the preliminary contract and of the authentic deed of sale.

Once after having verified the commitments of the professional on all of its stages, the real estate professional must hold the real estate agent card, called “T card”. An essential tool for claiming to become a real estate agent and carrying out real estate transactions.

Our advice: compare real estate agents to sell your house or apartment mainly according to the level of service. The price must intervene in a second time to sell in the best conditions. Online real estate agency, agent real estate agent or area real estate agency, the choice is yours.

Compare the Services of Real Estate Agencies

The transparency of the sales service and the fees charged make it possible to establish a level of confidence necessary to have confidence during the appointment of estimate. The responsiveness in the implementation of the stages of sale and in particular that of the announcement and the time granted to the buyers is essential at a time when a majority of buyers are looking for a property on the internet.

Real estate professionals, who do not understand that it is essential, in order to have a high level of service, to promote housing through online real estate advertisement portals, cannot correctly manage a real estate transaction. . Professional photos, realistic and eye-catching sales texts allow more clicks on the ad and therefore a greater probability of having potential buyers.

It can also be recommended to choose an area real estate agent to sell. The local expert is best placed to sell in the area in which the apartment or house that is for sale is located.

The negotiator will rely on his past transactions and his knowledge of the economic fabric to best determine the market value of the property. Without forgetting the squatters rights that his local network of hard-to-find buyers will allow him to target as well as possible to obtain a purchase offer at the advertised price.

Online Estimate or Real Estate Agent?

The real estate valuation is the preliminary step before the sale of a house or an apartment. The estimate of his house or apartment can be done online or with a real estate agent in the area. The online estimate is done through different more or less precise platforms, which to estimate the accommodation requires a certain number of criteria.

The various online valuation simulators will give you a more or less correct value opinion in a few clicks, the time to enter your criteria. Having your property appraised on the web allows you to get a first idea of ​​the market value. The criteria that are generally requested are as follows: the type of accommodation, the usable surface area and the location. An algorithm matches the information with a database. The online estimate, even if it is tempting, does not allow you to know precisely the value of your apartment or your house.

Even if at first, it is interesting to make an estimate online to get an idea of ​​the market value of the home before selling, it is recommended to call on a local expert for his estimate . The real estate professional, through his knowledge of the economic fabric, his experience, his ability to listen to the needs of buyers, will make a more accurate estimate of the accommodation. A good estimate promises a sale under the best conditions!

Which Sales Mandate to Choose?

The real estate sales mandate is a commitment through a contract. A principal (owner) delegates power to the agent (real estate agent) for the marketing of a house or an apartment. A framework by Article 6 of the law of July 2, 1970 known as the HOGUET law makes it possible to protect the individual and the real estate professional.

The law obliges real estate agents to sell a home to have a sales mandate signed covering all the services (duration, clauses, sale price) and the amount of real estate agency fees. The contract to be valid must contain at least certain elements defined in the Hoguet law: identity of the parties, description of the building, sale price for sale, amount of agency fees, method of withdrawal, duration of commitment … Generally the commitment period is 3 months and is tacitly renewable for one year in increments of 1 month. Find out before signing a sales mandate!

In the case where you have a tenant make a request for leave to sell even before the signature of a real estate mandate.

Types of Real Estate Mandates to Sell

There are 4 sales mandates, with different qualities and disadvantages for each when you want to sell an apartment or a house. Some more restrictive mandates than others do not allow selling between individuals and others allow you to work exclusively with a single real estate agent. Before committing, I compare the different real estate mandates.

  • Simple Mandate: the agency does not have exclusive sales. It is possible for the individual to seek buyers and sell alone, without having to pay the commissions of the real estate negotiator.
  • Exclusive Sales Mandate: only one agency is authorized to market the property on the market. The selling owner cannot sell alone between individuals.
  • Semi-Exclusive Principal: only one professional is authorized to sell the accommodation, but the owner can also find a buyer by himself without having to pay the commission.
  • Co-Exclusive Mandate: sales exclusivity for several agents. The owner cannot carry out a transaction alone without compensating the various agencies.

Before signing a sales mandate with the professional, ask him to explain the various clauses to you and in particular the rules for withdrawing from the mandate.

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