How To Select Smart Boiler Cover to Keep Yourself Warm

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What is boiler cover?

Gas Boiler cover is basically an insurance policy that focusses on your boiler and central heating system at home. If you have ever experienced being without heating or hot water, particularly in the winter, you’ll know how terrible that experience can be. A basic boiler cover policy will cover just your boiler itself, but more comprehensive policies will offer cover for your full central heating system at home. A good policy will come with a range of excess options, allowing you to choose the policy that is right for you.

Most policies will also include an annual boiler service.

Why do you need a boiler service?

Just as you need to service your car every year to make sure that it is operating smoothly, so an annual boiler service is important to ensure that it is running efficiently and safely. If you have a warranty on your boiler, you’ll also need an annual service to maintain that warranty.

Things to consider before getting boiler cover

It is critical to consider the age of your boiler when selecting a boiler plan. Some policies will not cover an older boiler or one that has passed the manufacturer’s warranty period. On the other hand, if it is time for a replacement, boiler installation companies may offer discounted cover with a new boiler installation! Before you start looking into different companies and prices, there are a few things you should know about boiler insurance:

  • First, check your homeowner’s insurance. Your home insurance policy may already include boiler coverage, so you won’t need to look for additional coverage.
  • Some homes, such as mobile homes, bedsits, and commercial properties, may not obtain boiler coverage.
  • Typically, you must wait a few weeks before filing a claim. This no-claims period was implemented to control people from getting their boiler covered once it is on the verge of breaking down or has already been detected with a fault. This timeframe can vary depending on the company, but it usually lasts between 14 and 30 days.
  • Homeowners are the only people who need boiler insurance. If you rent your home it’s worth checking with your landlord whether they have Landlord Gas Boiler Cover. Either way, a tenant should not be responsible for the home heating system in the home that they rent.
  • Finally, when looking for the best boiler cover, look for a company with high ratings and testimonials from previous customers. This gives you additional assurance that the plan you select will work for you.

Some useful boiler maintenance tips 

It’s important that you maintain your boiler properly if you want to avoid unexpected issues when you need your boiler the most. There are a number of things you can do to keep your boiler in good working order, extend its lifespan, and keep your bills low. These are some maintenance tips:

1. Schedule an annual boiler service 

When it comes to boiler maintenance, a little tender loving care goes a long way. So, to extend the life and efficiency of your boiler, have it professionally serviced once a year. Boiler services must be performed by a professional engineer who can perform a thorough inspection and identify any potential problems. This procedure can provide you with an idea of the condition of your boiler and prevent minor issues from becoming major ones.

2. Inspect the boiler pressure

It is critical to check the pressure of your boiler to ensure that hot water is distributed evenly throughout your home. Check the pressure gauge to ensure that it is operating in accordance with the manufacturer’s user instructions. If the pressure bar is set too low or too high, it may cause additional damage.

3. Drain and re-flush your radiators

If your room isn’t warming up as quickly as you’d expect, it could be because your radiators need to be bled. Air can become trapped in radiators over time, resulting in cold spots and poor heat flow. When you ‘bleed’ a radiator, you release the trapped air and allow it to run at its best.

4. Ensure that your boiler is properly ventilated

Ventilation is essential for keeping your boiler in good working order. If your boiler is housed in a cupboard, a minimum gap of 700mm should be maintained between the boiler and any obstructions. It is critical that your boiler has enough space to ‘breathe,’ so keep any coats, towels, or other items in your boiler cupboard away from the boiler.

5. Examine the external pipe for any drips

If you notice any drips or leaks coming from the external pipe, also known as the overflow pipe, it’s a dead giveaway that your boiler isn’t working properly. In this case, you may require the assistance of an engineer to resolve the problem.

6. Lag your pipes

When the temperature begins to drop, lagging your pipes can help keep them warm. ‘Lagging’ simply refers to the process of wrapping your pipes in insulation, such as foam tubes, to keep them from freezing over during the winter months. While this may appear to be a simple technique, lagging your pipes can help to prevent major problems in the future.

7. Verify that the boiler flame is blue.

A strong blue flame should be visible from your boiler. If the flame is orange or yellow, call an engineer right away because you may have a carbon monoxide leak in your home. A carbon monoxide alarm may help to provide peace of mind by alerting you if a leak is detected, allowing you to address the issue quickly.

Don’t get left out in the cold!

In many cases, a well-maintained boiler rarely causes problems because it has been well cared for. Maintaining your boiler with the help of an Annual Gas Boiler Service will provide you with complete peace of mind and comfort in knowing that everything is in working order. If there is a problem, 247 Home Rescue Gas Boiler Cover engineers can repair it or replace any parts, which means no big financial surprises or long cold nights.

Each company has advantages and disadvantages, some of which are probably more important to you than others. For many people, the cost of boiler cover is the deciding factor; after all, if nothing goes wrong with your boiler, you might not even need it. 

247 Home Rescue Gas Boiler Cover offers you the peace of mind with their exceptional services. 247 Home Rescue Gas Boiler engineers are Gas Safe registered and experts in their field. They offer premium service, are trusted by tens of thousands of customers, and rated Excellent on Trustpilot. Boiler insurance can be difficult to obtain, but once you’ve determined the type of coverage you want and the provider that best meets your needs, it’s a piece of cake.

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