How to Redevelop Your Website for 2020

Design changes. Trends come and go. What this means for stores both online and offline is that it can become all too fast to become outdated. While offline your outdated design can have a certain charm and appeal for the good old days, there is no such nostalgia for a bad website. Old design online means clunky, ugly, and user-unfriendly, which is why it’s normal to have to go through a website relaunch every few years.

If this is your first redesign, however, then there are a few tips and tricks you will want to use to get your new site ready for its relaunch:

1.  Hire a Web Design Company

If you want to bring your business’ website up to the modern-day, then you will need more than just a new theme. Businesses cannot just rely on popular templates because people recognize them. They are also very limiting when it comes to portraying your brand the way it deserves.

If you haven’t already, then now is the perfect time to hire custom web design services to transform your website completely. You’ll want to do some of the legwork and work with them to ensure your new website best reflects your brand but leave the development and design process to them or the top eCommerce website builder. You’ll come out with a unique, highly functional website that helps you acquire and retain more customers than you have ever been able to before.

2.    Update Old Content

The next thing you can do that will instantly improve your site and is fairly easy to do is go through all your old content. Prioritize pages to ensure that they are updated, optimized, and easy to read.

If you’ve done that, move on to your blog. By updating the content and even rewriting older content to update outdated information, you can easily improve the quality and value of your site. You can even remarket old content because it has fresh new updates. 

3. Add Additional Revenue Streams

One thing that is changed in 2020 is the need for more than one revenue stream. Try out many different ways to see what works for you. Online courses or webinars are a great way to offer additional value and bring in a more nuanced income to your company. You can also look into selling online if you haven’t before, collaborating with other artists and brands, starting a subscription box, and so much more.

4. Keep Them Engaged in Unique Ways

These additional revenue streams also offer the additional benefit of giving customers more reasons to return to your site. Follow up with community engagement to enjoy the extra attention.

You can host online chats, classes, small socials, and so much more both offline and in-store. People want to connect more than ever before, so give them new ways to do that through you. Your website is the perfect platform to facilitate this communication and will act as a central hub for all the goings-on, so update it with this community element in mind.  


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