How to Recover iPhone Data after Restore

The mobile phone and its uses are part and parcel in our daily life. We use different cell phones to measure our needs. As our use increases, dependency on mobile phones also exacerbates a lot. In modern life, we can not just ignore our mobile phones. 

We use our phones to make communication and to do business. We also employ for entertainment and various day to day life. For those reasons, we keep multiple data from personal to business on our phone. 

As we keep or store so many things on our phone, it is very important to make sure we do not have any problems regarding storage problems. As we keep or store so many things on our phones, it is very important to make sure we do not have any problems regarding storage. If you still have a storage issue then you must contact an affordable iPhone service center that will help you regarding the storage problems.

As I am an iPhone user, I know how much suffering one has to take if you lose your data. Losing your phone, water damage, downgrade or upgrade may cause your data loss. Maybe sometimes some app complications require factory reset, but all things take us to lose some data. 

When I first started using the iPhone I did not know how to recover my data after rejuvenating. So I took an iPhone data recovery service. But things have changed a lot since.

There are many ways you can revive your data after losing it for many reasons. As I mentioned earlier, you may hire data recovery services or also give a factory reset to your phone without any backups. After that, you can successfully recover your data. So here, I will tell you some ways of how you can overcome this.

Method 1: Restore iPhone from iCloud Backup

Using iCloud backup is a very common way to restore data. For that, you must have backup files in icloud. From there, you can easily restore all your data.

Just follow these steps:

1.first start your iPhone and wait until you get the app and data come on your phone screen. You get the same if you are using the latest phone or older version. Next, you have to change your phone to factory settings to go ahead.

2.Now sign in to your iCloud account by using your apple id. After signing in, you now need to select your data. Then, Select your data by seeing the date and file size that helps a lot to identify the perfect one. Then just select revive from iCloud and it will be done accordingly. 

Just keep your internet connections, preferably wifi connections, until the phone finishes its work. After finishing all its work, now you will get all your previous data restored on your iPhone.  

Method 2: Restore iPhone from iTunes 

There is another way you can use it for restoring data. This process also deletes all current information on the iPhone. But helps to recover some older one. Just follow these simple steps.

Step 1: start your pc or your mac for opening iTunes. After opening, connect your iPhone with pc or mac by using a USB cable. Allow your iPhone to trust your pc and give a password to enter.

Step 2: After giving your password, select your phone to recognize iTunes. Here iTunes recognizes your phone, and then you just select Restore Backup in iTunes. Now choose your backup file you want to restore.

Finally, keep the internet connections as earlier. Your work will be successfully done and now you can disconnect from the internet.

These are the two easy ways to recover iPhone data after restore. You may argue its benefits and disadvantages, but it works perfectly fine for me. I hope it works for you also.


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