How To Put Interactive Content To Best Use And Boost Business Sales Overnight!

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When we say that interactive content on your website will help you rank better and let customers know about your business, it is a very simple summary of what they are supposed to do. In more technical language, what you want out of your content is it to help you boost sales.

How? The logic is simple. Interactive and catchy content means better customer engagement which automatically enhances business sales in the long-run. Not convinced? Then the next section is for you. 

Why You Need To Create Interactive Content For Your Sales 

How you present your products and services to the world determines the extent to customers you will be able to win. Moreover, everyone wants to give a say of their own and that is what makes the interactive marketing approach more relevant. You are literally giving visitors and buyers a chance to voice their opinion. 

This method of data collection is not only genuine by fun as well. The responses are personalized with each customer sharing his/her own experiences and helping the company grow their business and increase sales conveniently.  Personally I use a green dot card to collect all the cash. After a month, I simply transfer money from greendot card to my bank account and then I further use it to clear all my bills and expenses. 

Here are some facts and figures that will help you see how businesses around the globe are using interactive content and marketing to enhance their brand image and encourage more and more customer engagement. 

  • 66% of the marketers reported that interactive content leads to better user engagement. 
  • Such content is known to provide more honest reviews about a company. 
  • 71% of the customers have shared that they recommend a brand to their friends or families if they have a positive experience with their social media page or on other interactive platforms. 

So now that we have you convinced that you should try this strategy for your business, here are 5 ways in which you can implement creative interactive content to increase sales in the least amount of time. 

Social Media Quizzes: How many times have you been attracted to a page that is offering you to find out what Harry Potter character you would be or what type of cosmetic products you need depending on your skin type? Many! We thought so too. That is why quizzes act as great lead magnets that help to convert visitors to buyers. 

Specific Recommendations: Sunglasses are great for summers but you don’t want to end up spending money on the one that doesn’t suit you. That is when Ecommerce recommendations come into play. Since customers enjoy personalized experiences, brands can ask them questions and then figure out the kind of product that would be right for them. 

Personality Assessment: My first experience with this kind of interactive content was when I wanted to book a guest house for holidays with my friends. The website assessed the plans we had, how we liked to stay, the facilities we needed and then made reasonable suggestions for the places we should look into. Smart! 

Surveys: The good old method of carrying out a survey never fails! Almost all brands have now implemented polls and surveys of one type or another to know more about customer reviews and help improve their experience in the future. Although this does not directly increase sales, it does a lot for the company to help grow its business.

There are other types of survey as well most commonly known as sweepstakes. One amazing example of sweepstakes is DGCustomerFirst Dollar General Survey to Win $100 by filling the forum on the website.

Contests and Giveaways: Cash, gift card, free products! There is a lot you can offer as an incentive to customers in return for their participation. For example, Walmart regularly offers a chance to their buyers to win gift cards simply by purchasing stuff worth a specific amount.


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