How to Provide Recognition for Remote Employees

Remote Employees

Within the past year, many changes have happened in the world, and adaptation was needed. Many people were used to getting up in the morning, getting ready, having a nice cup of coffee, and enjoying the drive to work. However, with the COVID virus rampaging around the world, many had to ditch their regular morning routine.

This new morning routine still includes getting up, getting ready (for some), having a cup of your favorite coffee, but instead of the morning traffic, you make a commute right to your own office at home! Instead of having to fake a smile at your co-workers, most people can now work from the comfort of their own home. The only problem is, where are the competition and rewards?

Providing employee recognition and appreciation to remote employees can be a harder task for managers than usual because everyone is stuck at home and a famous pizza party can’t be done. So how exactly can an employee feel recognized for the hard work they do at home?

Zoom Calls

While a personal meeting to recognize accomplishments face to face with the manager is deemed to be the best option for recognition, it sometimes is not possible. Therefore, a Zoom or Skype meeting is the next best thing.

A Zoom meeting can be used to show facial expressions, tone, and the excitement of delivering good news to an employee. It will feel more personal than the average phone call and the employee will feel honored to get a snippet of the boss’ day.

Gift Cards

While working from home can be awesome, there is no pay raise for dealing with work and home at the same time. The switch from working in an office to at home can be stressful and a gift card may be a nice surprise. While in the middle of a pandemic, trying to stock up on resources may be important and a little extra gift card may do the trick. 

The Classic Raise

Many people agree that a raise once in a while would be nice, especially if it has been earned. If an employee continuously goes above and beyond in their work and helping others; why not reward that behavior with a small raise?

A raise allows an employee to feel appreciated for the work already being done, but it also will give an incentive to stay with the company because of that appreciation. Many people leave companies due to not having a raise in years and raises give a nice boost to morale. 

Company Intranet Recognition

Company Intranet Recognition

Some larger companies have their own intranet which is a great idea for keeping all employees and managers connected. It is one platform where coworkers can chat amongst each other, which can be great for recognition. 

If an employee is hard at work and goes to check the coworker chat and sees their name in the tiny chat box being recognized, it will instantly boost morale. This will make an employee want to work harder because they will be assured recognition will happen.

There are many different intranet services available on the market for any business owner to invest in. Intranet services can make it seem like everyone is in the office together and will also make everyone feel like an office community. 

Provide Advancement Opportunities 

Not being mentally stimulated by a job can be a nightmare. Doing the same thing day in and out can be tedious, especially knowing advancement in the job may not be an option or highly unlikely. 

Do not make this a reality if you are a manager. Employees need to learn new things and feel like they are going up the career chain. If not, it is likely they may start looking into obtaining another job where advancement is likely. Nobody likes to do the same thing day in and out; the same goes for work. 

If an employee has shown that they are always on time, dependable, helpful, with a great work ethic and willingness to learn; why not see if they can excel in other areas as well?

Buy Them Lunch

Yes, the point of working from home is to stay at home, but that doesn’t mean a manager can’t buy their prized employee a great lunch! With so many people working from home, food delivery is a great option. 

Order the employee a great meal and have it delivered to their home just in time for lunch. This will be appreciated by the employee and they will feel like the employer cares about their well-being. A little gratitude goes a long way. 

Traditional Employee of the Month

Just because everyone is home doesn’t mean we can’t carry some office traditions into the online work world. Start an employee of the month program and dedicate a month to employees who have exemplary work. With employee of the month comes special privileges, like maybe a small bonus, or a gift card a week. The possibilities are endless. 

Electronic Newsletter

Last but not least, start an electronic newsletter. Newsletters are not hard to set up and can be a great place to recognize an employee’s hard work or any other news you want to share. A newsletter can keep all employees on the same page and also let everyone know what is new with the company. 

You can even add some crosswords or other games to the newsletter for people to do on a quick break. Another idea would be to give prizes for certain small projects. Keeping the team motivated with prizes and recognition is key to a great work environment.



Everyone in the world is getting used to new normals in everyday life. For many, this includes a new way of working, as well as a new working atmosphere. Adaptation is key and an employer should appreciate the challenges that newly working from home can bring. Recognition is a surefire way to amp up the morale of the employees and make them feel less alone at the home office. 


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