How to Promote Social Networks Easy and Quickly?


Social networks are a powerful tool for business. If you create an active and loyal community, you can get good traffic to the site, make sales, and work on your brand image. But social networks thus work that they require a constant investment of money, workforce, and time resources. The more subscribers, comments, likes, and views there’re in your accounts, the more engagement and the more new clients you can attract.

Generally, a social media marketing strategy includes such promotion tools as target advertising, buying advertising from bloggers, mutual PR, organizing contests and marathons. Also people often buy likes, comments, subscribers because a person is a social creature after all and we pay attention to the numbers. Indicators of likes, followers, number of views are the face of an account in social networks, and they are the first thing new users and advertisers pay attention to.

And if everything is clear with advertising, giveaways and marathons, then sometimes there are questions about the purchase of promotion. How and where to do it safely? How to evaluate the result?

SMM panels and sites with tasks – these are two ways which you can use. Let’s talk about the differences and similarities.

The first and most fundamental difference is money. SMM panels are organized on the principle of commodity-money relations: you pay for buying likes, comments, views, subscribers. For example, there is a quite famous site TubeBiz. Choose any convenient way to pay for the order and get your subscribers on Instagram, likes on Facebook, or views on YouTube after a while. It’s simple and fast.

Tube Biz

By the way, TubeBiz is based on Socpanels, a platform for creating and promoting panels. Anyone without any special skills can start their own online business with Socpanels and run their own panel.

Platforms with a tasking system are a kind of free promotion. You perform tasks (like, subscribe and etc.), get virtual coins, and exchange them for your promotion. Free application SocBooster for growing YouTube channels works according to this principle. For example, with SocBooster it’s possible to buy YouTube views, comments, followers, watch time at no cost.

Soc Booster

The second difference is time. It’s time-saving with panels: you pay money for automatic promotion and enjoy your coffee. For example, on TubeBiz you can order promotion for 12 different social networks from $1, as you see it’s quite affordably.

On the other hand, the tasking system will take time to do the tasks by hand but you won’t spend a dime.

The main point to pay attention to is the credibility of the tasking panel/platform. There are a lot of similar services, it is very easy to get confused and waste your time on scammers. Pay attention to the presence of real reviews, check the support service.


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