How to Promote Active Learning


Active learning refers to the process of making students more engaged and interested in the studies. It aims to make kids more involved in learning and actively participate in collaboration activities. It has been proven that kids learn more effectively when they are engaged in the learning process. Long-term retention of facts and understanding is only possible when a child puts his complete interest into the learning process, and this is relatively easy through active learning. With active learning strategies like educational videos, online games, and math puzzles, even the most boring topics and subjects can be turned into something fun.

Active learning enables children to form a meaningful connection with the subject being taught instead of just saving the information in their brains– Students learn to receive information in a more contemplative and attentive way. It empowers students to concentrate and focus more on their learning. There are various ways to promote active learning in kids. You can find some of these engaging activities on the Cuemath website.

Active Teaching Methods

Incorporating active learning modules from into your teaching practices would help the students to understand in a better way through interactive and engaging techniques. Supporting students in their learning promotes their brain development and ability to apply new ideas.

Using Interactive Resources

Using various interactive resources like online worksheets, manipulatives, flashcards, educational videos, etc., enables students to grasp the knowledge of topics and concepts better. Always provide a lot of opportunities for hands-on practice with these resources to encourage self-learning. You can include some interactive notebooks for students to work on during their classes. While doing various crafting activities like cutting, sticking, coloring, and writing for all elements of an interactive notebook, students learn to focus and pay attention. It is a good way to keep them engaged during their learning. The best thing about interactive notebooks is their utilization for any subject. You can also find free PowerPoint templates and other resources on the internet to use for interactive learning.

Incorporate Games and Puzzles

Rather than simply taking the notes and trying to learn how the answer came to be, encourage students to make some predictions by giving them some clues. Let them build their own models with games to figure out the correct way to solve problems. It’s a fun way to give students self-dependence in learning what you teach.

Pausing in Lecture

Both of the processes mentioned above help insert some interim breaks between lectures for students to display their knowledge through group discussion or quizzes. Applying their information to what they just learned encourages them to engage actively in the projects rather than simply sitting to take notes. These small assignments enable students to know how much they have learned and what doubts they have about the lecture.

Group Activities

Set up some group activity to perform a revision of the topic taught during lectures. Pair up students and give each pair of students sufficient time to reach a proper conclusion, and after they come with their answers, allow them to share their conclusions. This way, students will be talking more about the class topic to remember more than ever before.


Active learning promotes interaction between students and teachers. When there’s less interaction during learning students, become disinterested and passive learners. Simply passing knowledge in lectures to your students won’t encourage them to learn. By using an interactive learning approach, students are much more likely to be enthusiastic about education.

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