How to Organize the Most Perfect Proposal?

wedding proposal

Getting married is a big and wonderful thing, and it deserves a perfect proposal that you and your future spouse will remember forever. But if these big gestures are not something you’re usually used to, you might feel super nervous and confused about where to start preparing for this event. Luckily, you can always trust the internet to come to your rescue with tips on organizing the perfect proposal.

Ensure you’re on the right page

Obviously, before you start planning your proposal, make sure that bo0074h you and your partner are okay with getting married. Sneak in a short marriage talk into your daily conversation and let them know that you’re planning to get married one day—see how they feel about this step as well. Maybe you can use your colleague’s proposal or something you see on TV as a conversation starter. This is a hard conversation but it will ensure both of you are on the same page.

Make it personal

It’s never a good idea to take someone else’s proposal and copy it from start to finish because no two couples are the same. What you can do to make your proposal personal and sweet is pick a beautiful, sentimental spot you can add some beautiful pillar candles to make it even more dazzling. No matter the space—which can be your backyard, a bench you spent your first date on, or a restaurant where you feel at home—make sure to decorate it with a ton of flowers, candles and lights. The key is to customize the moment with anything meaningful, whether it’s your location, decoration, song or time of the day.

Keep your partner in mind

Sure, you might have a great say in how you propose to your future spouse, but the entire thing is created for them, not you. If you love baseball, but they don’t really care for it, don’t book a Jumbotron to pop the question. Or maybe you love Disney, but you know your partner is not crazy about it (just support your interests), don’t ask them to marry you at Disneyland. Instead, consider their favorite things or something you both share and incorporate that into the proposal.

Get the ring

Even more important than your wedding ring, your engagement ring will be something your partner will wear for the rest of their life (or at least, that’s the plan). Getting a good engagement ring is not easy, but if you peek into your partner’s jewelry box or ask their friends and family for recommendations, you’ll get just the perfect ring. For instance, if you notice a lot of vintage jewelry, you won’t go wrong with Asscher Cut engagement rings which have a very old-school and classical look. These are a bit harder to find, so make sure to start your search early. Also, when buying any engagement ring, no matter the stone, metal and cut, make sure to opt for a trusted store. When it comes to size, you can take one of your partner’s rings (that goes on the engagement ring hand and finger) and bring it with you. But this is something you don’t have to worry about that much because resizing exists.

Practice your speech

We know you feel the world for your future spouse, but don’t expect the words to just come out of your mouth naturally and create a perfect speech. Write things down and practice in front of a mirror—you’re bound to get a brain freeze as soon as you see them, so practice will come in handy.

Keep things to yourself

If you want to make your proposal a secret and really wow your partner, only let one or two people in on the plan. Humans can’t keep secrets and someone will say something for sure if you don’t keep the circle small.

Book a photographer

No matter how intimate or public you want your proposal to be, make sure to have a professional there to document the moment. Professionals know how to move around and be unseen so they won’t interfere with your event. And at the end, you’ll get gorgeous reaction snaps and an impromptu engagement photoshoot.

Celebrate your engagement

You don’t have to have an entire engagement party planned and ready, but it’s sweet to have a way to celebrate your big moment. For instance, you can book a table at your fave restaurant, have some champagne with you or have a few family members and friends waiting at the bar.

Be flexible

As you know, no matter how well you plan something, it doesn’t have to go according to plan. Try to be flexible instead of rushing your proposal just because you planned to propose at 7 pm. It’s always worth it to wait until the timing is right.

Allow the preparation for your proposal to be meaningful and fun for you too, so you can also enjoy the entire process and feel special when they say ‘yes’!


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