How to Open a Company in The Netherlands

Company in The Netherlands

The Netherlands is one of the most competitive and innovative countries in the world. It has one of the most beneficial and solid business climates and offers many advantages to enterprises setting up their new branches in the country or expanding their operations to Holland. As a result, the Dutch business and tax authorities receive many applications yearly to approve new businesses. Doing so is an easy and smooth process, although there are some important points to consider.

Step 1: Register your firm

The first step is to register the company name and all relevant particulars such as address and telephone number with the Trade Registry. This will enable you to trade freely throughout the European Union and also gain the right to operate an offshore company. This is very important for those who want to have a bit more privacy when it comes to their financial affairs. If you choose to incorporate in the Netherlands as an individual, you will be granted a Dutch business license. This is also an essential prerequisite if you wish to trade or conduct trade on an international level, especially when dealing with other businesses on an international scale.

Step 2: Obtain a Dutch Business Number

You will need to obtain a Dutch Business Number in order to open an International Business Number as well. A Dutch Business Number is required by all international organizations that conduct trade or offer financial services. An International Business Number has the power to facilitate all international transactions and can be obtained by contacting the Dutch Trade Registry. You can also contact the Trade Registry directly online or by contacting the Dutch embassy.

Step 3: Office establishment

Another important requirement if you wish to open a company in the Netherlands is to establish an office. An office should be at least two meters squared and it should be located at the address of the registered company. It is also necessary to provide a permanent address for your company and to provide copies of your business permits and tax registration documents as well.

Step 4: Legal matters

Once you are ready with the aforementioned documents, the next step on how to open a company in the Netherlands is to find a qualified Dutch attorney. You can perform an internet search in order to locate a suitable attorney. He will then draw up the necessary documents for you. He will not only help you open your company but will also act as your liaison with the Dutch government. If you are unable to find a lawyer, you can always employ the services of a commercial attorney.

Easy company establishment

Opening a company in the Netherlands is not very difficult and there are several advantages that you will gain. Besides being able to operate a business without any hassles, you will also be able to save a lot of time and money. Another advantage is that you will be able to save a great deal of your personal resources such as money, time, and effort. These are only a few of the advantages that come with company formation. Intercompany Solutions offers more information on how to set up a firm in Holland.


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