How to Make Your Next Concert Epic


Seeing your favorite band or artist in concert can be one of the highlights of your year. It’s not a guarantee that your favorite singer will ever go on tour or make it to your hometown – so when the show is announced, you know you have to get tickets! However, how do you make the event a night you will never forget? Read on for tips on how to make your next concert epic!

1. Get a Great Group Together

The first thing you need to do upon hearing your favorite musician or band is coming into town is to organize a stellar group of friends to go to the concert together. Concerts are events that are most enjoyable in a big group. It can become a memory you and your friends will cherish forever. When figuring out which friends to invite, be sure that each of them is a true fan of the band – it will bring the hype to the event.

2. Grab Some Top Tickets

Scoring sweet seats is tough, especially if the band or musician is at the height of fame or has recently released a hit song or album. After watching artists like Taylor Swift and Beyoncé sell out stadiums in seconds (and with many fans missing out on tickets), you must be well-prepared to buy your concert tickets. First, ensure you have a strong internet connection. Ticket vendor websites favor purchasers with solid internet connections – it will get you a better place in line. Second, scout out the seating in advance. Decide what sections you would like to purchase, and have a few backups in case they are out by the time you get through to the site. Preparation will help you get the best seats possible and not lose good tickets while deliberating with your group.

3. Plan Your Outfit

After you get the tickets, it is time to plan your outfit! There is nothing worse than sitting in front of your closet an hour before you are supposed to be ready when despair sets in – you have nothing to wear! You want to look and feel your best for such a monumental event. Start with the shoes; you want to be comfortable to dance the night away and stand the whole time cheering and singing along to every song. Then build your outfit on top; use inspiration from the band – if they are country, add a little western style or bling to the ensemble; if they are a rock band, try a graphic tee! Remember, at a concert, you can go wild and wear something out of the norm of your usual weekend attire.

4. Organize a Pre-Party

Set the mood for the group by organizing a concert pre-gaming session. The best place to gather is in a home – you can play your music loud, and everyone can bring their favorite drinks. Uniting everyone together before the event can help your group make an evening of it and helps everyone reconnect or get to know one another better. You also don’t have to worry about anyone being late for the main event! If a house pre-party isn’t an option, try picking a local bar for everyone to meet and have some pre-drinks. Don’t forget to grab some food beforehand as well! It will ruin everyone’s night to get to the venue on an empty stomach or pay concert prices for food!

5. Prepare Your Transportation in Advance

If you are organizing a concert event for your friends, prepare your transportation ahead of time. You don’t want to force anyone to be the designated driver; pay a surging taxi or ride share prices; or split up into different modes of transportation. Booking a private shuttle bus service is the ideal way for your group to get to and from a concert. This ensures that everyone is at the same place and time and can indulge in a drink or two! A shuttle service is helpful if the show is in a neighboring town or city with a long drive. Private drivers are professionals at navigating crowded concert venues and will drop you off and pick you up at the right place at the right time. The price is set and splitting amongst a group is more affordable than paying surging rideshare prices or splitting up into different taxis. Now, all that’s left to do is enjoy your event!

6. Post-Concert Plans

The end of the concert doesn’t have to mean the end of your evening. Why not check out which after-parties, bars, or clubs are hopping after the show? Concerts often end around 11 pm with a whole evening stretching ahead of you. Sometimes you can even purchase tickets to a post-party in advance! Hop back on your private shuttle service and head out on the town to continue your epic evening. Don’t forget to grab a late-night snack at the end of the night to ensure no one goes hungry, and maybe even help with that hangover a little bit!

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