How to Make Your Bitcoin Anonymous


A Bitcoin Mixer, also known as a Bitcoin Tumbler, is a service that lets you send bitcoins anonymously by using a series of anonymous transactions. We all know that Bitcoin is not anonymous at all, and thanks to these services, it’s more difficult to track down the source of the coins. Just check a blockchain explorer or crypto transaction search engine, and you can get a complete history of all bitcoin transactions since the cryptocurrency’s introduction in early 2009.

What is the bitcoin mixer?

A Bitcoin mixer is a service that simply mixes up a certain quantity of bitcoins in private pools before redistributing them to the people it is intended for. It tumbles bitcoins with those of other holders to the point where none of them can be traced back to their original wallet addresses, which is why it is referred to as a “bitcoin mixer.” As a result, using this method allows you to transfer or receive bitcoin fully anonymously.

Coin mixers are a popular option for people who want to conceal their identities. Many of you simply don’t want other people to know how much bitcoin you hold, how much money you make, or how you choose to spend it. It’s your private affair, and that’s why you don’t go out to the streets, and shout how much money you’ve got in a bank.

Bitcoin mixing allows for the complete restoration of the privacy of crypto transactions and crypto assets. These services don’t need Know Your Customer (KYC) checks and are frequently used to anonymize fund transfers between services or crypto holders. A Bitcoin tumbler’s goal is to break the connection between your physical identity and your crypto wallet address. This gives your cryptocurrency transactions more anonymity.

Although there are many crypto mixers accessible, not all of them are the same. It can be quite challenging to choose a right bitcoin mixer because some are infamous for being dishonest while others have excessive prices.

Types of bitcoin mixers

A bitcoin mixer works by taking your cryptocurrency, mixing it with a significant quantity of another cryptocurrency in one pool, and then sending smaller units of cryptocurrency to an address of your choice, with the total amount you put in subtracted by a transaction fee. Basically, we can talk about two main types of BTC mixers, centralized mixers, and decentralized mixers. The main difference between centralized and decentralized bitcoin mixers is the pool type.

Centralized bitcoin mixers

For a small fee, companies known as “centralized mixers” will take your bitcoin and send you back mixed bitcoin. While they provide a quick way to tumble bitcoin, they also pose a privacy concern. The BTC mixer itself might still have a record connecting the transactions (even though the linkages between “incoming” and “outgoing” bitcoin are not made public), indicating that at some point in the future, this kind of bitcoin mixers might disclose those records and expose a user’s relationship to transactions.

Since centralized coin mixer is controlled by one organization, the major disadvantage is that it has a single point of failure. You may lose your anonymity if the centralized network discloses your information for any purpose, based on the fact that centralized mixers privately save both your input and output bitcoin addresses.

Decentralized bitcoin mixers

Decentralized mixers use CoinJoin-style protocols to completely conceal transactions using either a peer-to-peer or coordinated method. In principle, the protocol enables a sizable user base to combine a sum of bitcoins (for example, 100 users want to combine 1 bitcoin apiece) and then distribute it. Decentralized mixers have the primary drawback of requiring numerous participants to mix coins, preventing your transactions from being identified through the process of elimination.

The main issue with almost all Bitcoin mixers is that you frequently have to wait for the transaction to reach your target address. This is done to make it considerably more difficult, even for experienced observers, to analyze Bitcoin (there is typically a choice to change how long the delay takes.)

Do bitcoin mixers break the law?

Mixers for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are legal. But occasionally, these services are linked to illicit operations like money laundering. As a result of this, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) of the U.S. Treasury and other agencies have already shut down some bitcoin mixing services. Depending on where you live, employing coin mixing services may or may not be against the law.

Bitcoin mixer alternatives

The flow of bitcoin transactions can be concealed using methods other than a bitcoin mixer. Privacy advocates claim that methods such as privacy coins are potent means to prevent the government from spying on your financial activities.

Monero uses one-time use “stealth” addresses and a combination of real and fake transaction signatures to mask the movement of coins. The recipient won’t be able to tell which signature belongs to the sender.

Be aware, nevertheless, that not all jurisdictions have legalized privacy coins. Crypto-exchanges no longer list them in a number of nations, including South Korea, Australia, and Japan, where their use has either been restricted or explicitly prohibited. You can check for more information.

Mix your bitcoins with Whir

Whir is a simple service that uses tech known as “CoinJoin,” which combines the bitcoins of multiple transacting parties to make it harder to determine the provenance of funds. All that you need to do is enter the recipient’s wallet and the desired amount. Whir will handle the rest of the process.

This approach can be compared to a group of individuals going shopping after depositing their funds in a shared wallet. The shoppers won’t use the exact bills they placed in the shared wallet, even though everyone will only spend their allocated amount of money.


Based on the fact that bitcoin is not anonymous at all, various services offer the option to anonymize your bitcoins. Services called “bitcoin mixers” or “bitcoin tumblers” will make your bitcoin anonymous by breaking the trace of origin. Among bitcoin mixers, some services like Whir offer a very easy way to mix your coins, therefore making them anonymous. Since these services might be controversial in some regions or their use might raise a flag, the final decision whether to use them or not is up to you.

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