How To Make Sure Your Employees Are Satisfied

It should come as no surprise to learn the truth behind the adage of businesses being only as good as its constituting people. These days nor the company can afford to ignore the critical issue of job satisfaction amongst its employees.  Job satisfaction levels are intricately related to the engagement and productivity of company employees and the retention of staff. 

It would not be very reasonable to assume that this employee job satisfaction is as easy as giving the financial benefits a boost. On the contrary to this popular belief, the fact is that company culture and leadership, along with opportunities for career enhancement, are effective ways to ensure company satisfaction. A 2015 Glassdoor study reported one point of improved feelings of job satisfaction for a 10% increase in earnings. The following tips should help business owners and HR managers improve employee satisfaction:


  • Recognize And Celebrate Employee Contributions

Recent reports by leading workplace-related organizations suggest that employees feel the need for more recognition for their contributions and achievements. Even a simple ‘good work’ comment might motivate an employee to keep performing and strive to be better.

Managers should take the effort to laud the way an employee’s work improves business functions. Remember that recognition is a fundamental management ethic. Along with providing sufficient benefits for employees, it would be best if you molded recognition into the essential workings of an organization. Such a rewarding culture might be exhibited in a variety of small, as well as substantial ways.


  • Establish A Thriving Company Culture

Leadership behavior is something intricately related to organizational culture. Employees are quite conscious of the treatment meted out to them by different persons in a company’s leadership positions. The senior leadership must set a precedent by their actions and treat employees with the dignity and respect they wholly deserve. If anyone acts in a contrary manner, it is crucial to make them accountable for the same, for the company’s sake.

The company leadership should convey this respect for employee dignity needs through both communications as well as policies. To illustrate, if there is going to be any significant change in the way one conducts a task, the company leadership should convey this change sensitively.


  • Allow For Greater Flexibility

It is much desirable to give your employees an enhanced level of satisfaction; you allow them higher levels of autonomy and control in addition to responsibility. Employees of our times seek a better balance between their professional and personal life, referred to as work-life balance. Accordingly, to this millennial demand, employers need to provide an empowering work schedule and keep telecommuting and remote work options open. With COVID-19, remote work has penetrated the mainstream of workplace practices. Another area that demands greater flexibility are staff schedules and working hours. This flexibility will, at the end of the day, only help to enhance employee productivity.


  • Making The Most Of Time

It is common to find employees being all stressed up due to the strict deadlines they have to meet usually. Managers and business owners can help employees in this regard by making activities that take up a lot of time shorter. Meetings are a great example of such regular events.

A good idea you can try out to shorten meeting durations is to engage with them without chairs. The prospect of having to stand throughout the meeting will make the concerned people concise and brief. Another good option is to do away with meetings altogether and substitute them with telephonic conferences. You can schedule them at lunchtime or at the end of the working day to lessen the amount of inevitable chitchat.

You can also use systems with more significant amounts of organization for your office. Keep in mind that confusion and clutter are the two great friends of time waste. Keeping things organized helps in making work stress-free while saving time and boosting productivity levels.


  • Facilitate Career Development Opportunities

By investing in employee career development, both employees and the business, stand to gain. The organization can create a sizable talent pool of skilled and loyal employees ready to take on the mantle if needed in the future.

Career development lets employees become aware of their gaps in their expertise and close them while building upon their strengths. It helps create a better work culture and ensures that the company grows with its employees’ growth.

Instead of waiting for appraisals to gather feedback, businesses need to keep an alternative feedback mechanism. This feedback will result in the company being in a better position to modify its operations as per the financial condition and economy. The above steps will help businesses to continue growing and booming for the future.


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