How To Make My Landscaping Company Stand Out?


Since 2014, the landscaping business has risen at a 4.6% annual rate. It’s a $99 billion sector in 2019 with plenty of possibilities for expansion.

Hopefully, you have already considered getting started with a landscaping logo creator because it’s one of the few sectors where large businesses don’t generate the most earnings.

In fact, the small landscaping businesses with yearly gross sales of $500,000 or less generate more than half of all annual gross revenue.

5 Steps to stand out from the rest

Working with your hands alone isn’t enough to build a successful landscaping company.

Remember that back-office tasks will take 20-25% of your time if you want to keep your company running smoothly.

Before you’ve even found your first client, the job begins. So help yourself by trying out these valuable tricks we’ve compiled to scale up your business!

1. Make use of listings

Make sure that your landscaping company is included on some well-known listing websites. People visit these websites to find the best services.

As a result, your chances of being recruited are increased on these sites.

The major listing sites are Home Advisor, Google, Angie’s List, Yelp, Porch, Thumbtack, and Houzz. If you can, try to get featured in local consumer directories as well.

You should also pay attention to your company profile while listing these platforms. You should add updated images of your landscaping efforts to it.

In addition, request that happy consumers evaluate your work on the site. Also, ensure that prospective clients visit your landscaping company’s website after viewing your firm on listing sites.

So ensure that you’ll always provide a link to your website in your listing and profile.

2. Experiment with social media marketing

Social networking is commonly regarded as one of the most successful marketing strategies. This is primarily because practically all technologically competent individuals nowadays have a modest or significant online presence.

To communicate with the rest of the world, most users have Twitter or Facebook profiles. These social media platforms are where people comment on various subjects or share their own ideas and blogs.

Marketers utilize social platforms to build brand recognition for marketing purposes. To create your brand identification, your landscaping company might effectively use popular media.

This is accomplished by uploading relevant information on several social media platforms, including YouTube.

In this way, you could have an online community you can convert into customers. However, don’t forget to ask your fans to ‘like’ your material to put your work at the top.

3. Showcase your portfolio

Create a separate portfolio for your landscaping company to highlight the projects you believe are your most outstanding work.

Include photographs of such work in your portfolio to create a good impression on visitors. Ensure that the pictures were taken using a high-quality DSLR camera.

In addition, examine your portfolio regularly to highlight your most recent outstanding work. Yet, make sure that the portfolio has a distinct and distinctive design.

So, enlist the assistance of a professional graphic designer that understands how to produce a good impression on visitors by using a portfolio.

4. Join in shows and events

There might be a lot of events and performances going on in your community. Some may focus only on landscaping and associated tasks.

Make these exhibitions a brand-building exercise for your landscaping company. As a result, you get a fantastic chance to meet with some prospective clients and industry experts.

Give prospective customers your business card while you’re mixing with the crowd and engaging them in a discussion.

Providing your prospective customers with landscaping business cards is a guaranteed way to get them in contact with your firm.

The card contains your contact information, such as your phone number, website, email address, and so on. Make the card design appealing so that the recipients will be more inclined to keep it.

5. Build an eye-catching website

A website is a location where prospective clients may get information about your company. This is why a website is more than simply a collection of words and photos.

Nowadays, savvy business owners utilize websites to turn visitors into clients. They use web page design to convert visitors into service purchasers.

So, by utilizing your website, you may project the impression of a trustworthy landscaping firm. Make sure your website clearly describes who you are and what services you provide.

Like traditional landscaping business cards, you should clearly display your logo in the top corner of the web pages. Also, show the client feedback and testimonials on a separate web page.

You can also provide a price list since people will check for it immediately after reaching your website.

It’ll be much better to include your contact information and your terms and conditions for landscaping services. Overall, persuade the visitor that your company is legitimate.

Bottom line

These are our top recommendations for promoting your landscaping firm. There are plenty more factors to consider. However, there are just the basics to manage your business in its early stages.

Don’t forget that you’ll also need a lot of graphic designs to promote your company and its services, as visuals can establish a good impression on potential customers.


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